Smart People Synopsis
Recently widowed, a professor deals with a new love and an unexpected visit from his brother.
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"You Cant Read"

By Daydream
"What is it like sitting alone at lunch everyday?" Smart People is a cranky movie with dialogue meant to go over your head. Excellent self-absorbed acting by the main cast with complementary roles...

barely a "go"

By eyeful
an interesting story another slice o'life of the in's and out's of an academic family that just hovers outside of dysfunctional not really a black comedy, not really a drama i went to see SJP,...

A tour de force

By nymomma
I caught this movie at a preview, and it's a must see ... Thomas Haden Church is hysterical ... Dennis Quaid and SJP have great on-screen chemistry ... and Ellen Page nails the role of a...

People?-- Yes; Smart? -- NO!

By jimchudnow
Based on an advance preview: This film is being sold as a comedy-romance. I found exceptionally LITTLE to laugh at, and romantic only if you use its meaning of "IMPRACTICAL". It might better be...

Falling out of my chair funny

By edcahill
I saw this one at Sundance and it's an extremely funny movie. Thomas Haden Church and Elllen Page have awesome timing and great chemistry. The writing is pitch perfect. Actually, the audience was...

I Liked This Movie

By singme
I thought this was a "smart" little movie. Very understated in a grumpy kinda way. I love Ellen Page, she is a great little actor and Thomas Hayden Church was wonderful. I really learned to care...

Poignant and Witty

By shortynyc
This is such a sweet movie, but it also has biting and wicked dialogue. Thomas Hayden Church is awesome as is Ellen Page. If you're one to appreciate smart drama over mindless action, then I think...

Smart Movie?

By nvrcmgbk
I liked the actors, and liked the premise but felt the movie just fell short of expectations. I though it could have been done better....

Smar People

By kelemaninc
Excellent, acting was wonderful and real. No phoney happy endfings here. Just real life...doing the best you can and making things work....

Smart People

By loganid1
I had high hopes for this movie, considering the cast. I prefer to watch romantic comedies. So I thought this would be great. It wasn't. It is very dark. I kept waiting for it to get better. The...

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Rated R | For language, brief teen drug and alcohol use, and for some sexuality
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Common Sense Media says Intelligent, mature film with some shortcomings.
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