Written November 21, 2008
I was honored to attend the advance press screening of this SUPERBLY directed by Danny Boyle 2-hour engaging movie-adaptation of Vikas Swarup's novel 'Q & A' - screen-written by Simon Beaufoy which resulted in a intricate well-connected script. Composer A.R. Rahman's EXCELLENT score perfectly complemented this HIGH-QUALITY movie. The visuals are STUNNING, cinematography - AWESOME, acting - ENGAGINGLY ABOVE-AVERAGE. This rags-to-riches by-way-of-chance-and-fate tale is told through a series of well-done well-edited flashbacks - juxtaposed the nitty-gritty depravity hopelessness squalor of the down-trodden unfortunates of Mumbai/Bombay's slum-dwellers against the fairy-tale dream/opportunity/luck of winning 20 million rupees(approx. USD400,000 based on current currency rates) - a tremendously staggering fortune especially in India. VERDICT: A MUST-SEE for the discerning movie-goer. Be prepared for a healthy dose of third-world reality - they are stark and troubling.
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It really was 2008's Juno!

By Lizerne Guiting
Written January 06, 2009
Easily one of the best films of 2008. Director Danny Boyle puts together a poignant tale of overcoming hardships and persevering love. The autograph incident in the beginning had me howling! You can't sit through that scene and not crack a smile. This indie might be hard to find as it's in limited release, but it's worth seeking out. Oscar worthy? You bet.
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Not what I thought....

By traci99
Written January 14, 2009
This movie was really well edited and the music was pretty good. The story was good except for a few cheesy lines that made me cringe. One in particular was "Kiss me...". I loved the dramatic life story and how it all came together in the end. Its well worth going to see!
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By luvdatenites
Written January 23, 2009
It not only opens your eyes to some truthful reality but the hope and resilience is something we can all take home. Just go opened minded and you will be aw strucked!
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Slumdog Millionaire - Oscar Worthy!

By lmlewis517
Written January 30, 2009
I was lucky enough to win a free Fandango ticket (like free candy for me, so I choose movies carefully). I didn't want to see this film, at first. Then I saw all these nominations come up. I'm thinking this is no mere coincidence. A friend of mine, that is just as much as a movie fanatic as I am, decided that she wanted to see it. So, I buckled down and decided to give up my free ticket. Well, all I can say is that the choice was well worth it. Wrapped around a love story (as most blockbusters are), the storyline was quite ingenious. Part of my mind didn't want to believe the torture scenes, but I can see something like that happening... especially considering the background demographic of the main character. I also enjoyed seeing this movie take chances in "rawness" where other films shy away. The director showed great detail in the main characters and kept you involved in every step of discovery. Great film overall! I look forward to seeing more from this director
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