Sleepwalk With Me Synopsis
A commitment-shy comic (Mike Birbiglia) struggles with indecision and bouts of nocturnal strolling.
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Pure Comedy!

By pedsarq
What great sleeper comedy! This is a well written story about a man who is a natural at comedy, but it takes him a long time to figure it out because everyone in his life has an idea of what he...

Funny & Real

By HarBerNi
Unique story, likable characters, lots of laughs (the main character is really a comedian) while dealing with a semi-serious condition (ie sleep walking). A movie guys and girls will enjoy....

Go see this...

By spirok26
This was a great movie, very well written and executed. There were moments that I couldn't stop laughing and moments that were shocking but in the end this is a sweet warm movie that you can tell was...

I slept then I walked (out)

By MBaraz
I have heard the story on This American Life twice, which I am a big fan of it and Ira Glass (and small donor to the show), I was really ready to love the film. However I walked out of the movie, the...

Mike Birbiglia at his best!

By kuma899
If you like Mike Birbiglia, you'll enjoy this movie version of the story of his sleep disorder. It's not just a good story about his own life, but the actuality of a comic's life on the road. The...

This film deserves to be in major theaters

By epkeaton
I just wish this movie was available to more people. This movie tells a great story and as a fan of Birbigs, I enjoyed the way he intertwined many of his jokes through the film....


By barcode1
This is an amazing, inspiring movie. It kept me laughing the whole time. I really love this movie, and think you should go see it....

Nice one ... Must watch

By anju2979
Nice one!...

Fantastic comedy!

By danbretl
Great story, great acting, great feeling. Can't think of many people who wouldn't enjoy this movie....

sleep walk with me

By Rob_Ferre
If you are a fan of Mike Birbiglia then I say must go!...

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Rated PG-13 | For Some sexual content and brief language.
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Common Sense Media says Comedian faces sleep disorders and girlfriend troubles.
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