Sleepwalking was well-done, but depressing

By djfdjfajfdodad
Written March 18, 2008
For those of you who like Nick Stahl or AnnaSophia Robb, this is a must-see, but the film is extremely downbeat and dark most of the time. Nick Stahl plays AnnaSophia Robb's uncle who is forced to take in the family after his sister's boyfriend is busted for drug possession. After Charlize Theron runs off in search of the good life, Nick Stahl tries to do what's best and struggles with this new responsibility. Nick Stahl does a good job in conveying the desperation he feels and the chemistry between him and AnnaSophia is wonderful. But this is a dark film and those of you who have seen AnnaSophia in lighter fare may have a hard time dealing with what happens to her character. You really feel for her when Dennis Hopper treats her like garbage but what happens next is still a shock. Nick Stahl is much well-rounded than he was in Terminator 3 and does a great job but AnnaSophia shines as his niece who is trying to cope with her mother's sudden disappearance.
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By Drez_Digital
Written February 12, 2010
Middle of the road family based melodrama
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