A feel good movie

By holmon
Written May 11, 2017
Sleepless in Seattle is a feel good movie. It is a predictabl and entertaining classic that will last generations. This movie shows that love is more than just a simple word.
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this was great

By top686
Written February 13, 2014
My wife has all ways loved this movie. It was the 1st time ever on the big screen. This made it a very special night. I would like to see some westerns come out. Gun fight at the OK corral, Burt Lancaster, of Shane Alan Lad
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By ladybug62
Written February 10, 2014
Don't know how I never saw this movie when it first came out! It was SOOO great!
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By jlhounsley
Written February 16, 2014
This is one of my all time favorite movies. My husband surprised me by taking me to see it on Valentines day to see it in the theatre. He had not seen it in full previously, but enjoyed it almost as much as I did. Great movie. Great cast. Touching story.
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By yanadorn
Written January 03, 2015
I can watch it again and again and again, and never tire of it.
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