Sleeping With Other People Synopsis
Jason Sudeikis and Alison Brie star as two romantic failures whose years of serial infidelity and self-sabotage have led them to swear that their relationship will remain strictly platonic.
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Sleeping with Other People

By todd_rimes
I'd heard good things about this film from Sundance and recently had my impression of Sudeikis improved by streaming "We're the Millers". He really shines in this. Even better is Alison Brie, whom I...

Good acting, tasteless scenes with poor storyline

By sakibear
This is the first time I have watched a movie and was embarrassed. Hollywood has gone overboard with the sex theme as evidenced by this movie. The actors did a good job with their roles but the...

Love this movie.

By Lamontaskins
Got out of the movie with a lot of stuff to talk about. Really Funny no matter how you look at it....

Sleeping With Other People

By freydamiller
Flat, repetitive, no chemistry....

Time They Settled Down

By gabbycorner
A middle of the road rom com, where the conceit "can men and women just be friends" wears a little thin after awhile. Good performances, but drags in the middle, until its lively conclusion. Sort of...

Loved it!

By debbie857
I had low expectation based on the reviews but I loved it. Such a cute movie!...

Sleeping with Other People.

By diananan358
The actors were very lovable and full of expression. However, the film lacked any depth and a serious plot was never developed. The film skimmed the surface of what could have been a beautiful story....

Sleeping with other people

By luigi9
This movie was much better than I expected because it was quite funny. It helps to see what other younger folk go through. TH cast was great and the performances believable, even for us old folks....


By Cheyann

Predictable but Satisfying

By andrexmartinez117
This film has been getting bashed due to the mentality that if it's “predictable” it must be no good. That is total rubbish! Yes, perhaps the film did use the classic formula for a RomCom; boy meets...

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Rated R | For Strong sexual content, language including sexual references, and some drug use
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Common Sense Media says Appealing stars, lots of sex in racy romcom.
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