Very Intense

By janggenadry
Written August 25, 2013
I just love this movie. I watch it every time it is on. As a matter of fact I think that I am going to buy this movie. The acting is great, it is so intense that you do not even want to get up to go to the bathroom. I know that the State of New York says that this film is not true, but in my opinion I am not so sure. Of course the State would not admit to anything like this happening in their schools. I will bet that a few years down the road we will find out that it really was. It would not surprize me a bit. All the actors did such a great job, I feel that this movie should have won an Oscar. I would not recommend this movie for children, it might scare them. This is certainly a must see movie.
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One of those movies!

By lovestalentmoviefan
Written November 04, 2009
Two films i have seen within a couple week period years ago were intrinsically wrenching for me and haunt me when i consider some of the evil humans are capable of wreaking on others for no discernable reason at all, and Sleepers is one of them. There are other movies dealing with the content of this one for sure,but this one went farther in depicting the later effects of this abberant behavior on it's victims,as well as other people in their lives. If i say anymore,i will ruin it for you. This is deep,emotional tragic drama.If its your thing,rent this movie and see it without interruption. You will not be sorry.
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