By djforte1
Written November 19, 2010
Don't even
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Awesome Effects Art Bad Story Unconcerning Characters

By vidvamp
Written November 13, 2010
This movie is obviously just an effects showcase for [hy*drau"lx] This is a special effects company working on many of the big budget block busters of the last few years. [BLOCKED WEBSITE] [BLOCKED WEBSITE] The actors are decent but they don't have much to work with, the script was probably cranked out in a month. This could be a start for a TV series or a mini series, since the whole movie feels like a beginning for something that never truly culminates by the end of the movie. Over all, I say it is a rent it later.
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Wish I could unremember skyline, the movie

By swizard101
Written November 13, 2010
This is one of those times you want to unremember and unsee what you paid for. The plot apparently was lost, or never existed. And it seems the movie ended halfway, as if you have to come back for the sequel to see the second half. Since when do the humans lose and the aliens win? And all that for no apparent reason or moral lesson. The aliens win just because, not for any other reason. And all that with minimal story line other than a brief character introduction, then mayhem without plot or story.
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Skyline Movie Review

By Asianfreak
Written March 12, 2012
60 out of 100 They tried too hard.
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By tfma
Written November 15, 2010
This movie is the reason sci-fi fans should NEVER, ever believe bad reviews. Always see for yourself. I have watched every sci-fi movie ever made and this is top ten material. I think your appreciation for this movie will be directly proportional to your knowledge of technology. If you are clueless about things like the singularity, bio mechanical convergence, nanotechnology, rewriting of genomes, then sorry, just a visual stunner. If you are someone who can envision where things are heading, you will be greatly unsettled by this realistic portrayal of a potential fate of man. Ignore these negative reviewers, get off your ****, leave the touchy feely ones at home and GO SEE THIS MOVIE.
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