Skyline Synopsis
Strange lights descending on Los Angeles herald the arrival of a malevolent extraterrestrial force.
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Colossal Disappointment :-( Worst movie I can remember.

By MIC1011
SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT This is one of those movies that look so good from trailers, but when seen in its entirety, reality sets in. This movie looks like an intelligent, well made, alien...

Skyline the worst sci-fi movie I have ever seen in theaters

By twonathon
The film opens with a very similar feel to Cloverfield and to that regard it already kicked my brain out of enjoyment mode and jump-started it into critic mode. Let's just say if I were to grade the...

save your money

By frogjessica
This movie suck really bad!!! It had no Story Line, and No Plot. If you are going to see it PLEASE GET YOUR MONEY BACK!!!! This should had went straight to DVD. BAD BAD BAD BAD!!!! SAVE YOUR...

Five Word Review

By Kastnova

Big, Dumb, Fun.

By l0ucifer
Skyline plain and simple is an effects showcase... nothing more nothing less. Me and my wife saw commercials and it caught our eyes so when Tuesday $5.00 movie day came along we went to check it out....


By djforte1
Don't even...

Awesome Effects Art Bad Story Unconcerning Characters

By vidvamp
This movie is obviously just an effects showcase for [hy*drau"lx] This is a special effects company working on many of the big budget block busters of the last few years. [BLOCKED...

Wish I could unremember skyline, the movie

By swizard101
This is one of those times you want to unremember and unsee what you paid for. The plot apparently was lost, or never existed. And it seems the movie ended halfway, as if you have to come back for...

Skyline Movie Review

By Asianfreak
60 out of 100 They tried too hard....


By tfma
This movie is the reason sci-fi fans should NEVER, ever believe bad reviews. Always see for yourself. I have watched every sci-fi movie ever made and this is top ten material. I think your...

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Rated PG-13 | For For sequences of intense sci-fi action and violence, some language and brief sexual content
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Common Sense Media says Deadly dull alien attack movie has scary, gross effects.
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