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Bond ... raw

By Sergiof67
Written November 15, 2012
As Bond movies go, this one is stripped of all glitter, fantasy, high tech, futuristic gadgets plots or villains, and is simple, strong, violent and ... raw. Despite the omage paid to the franchise (the Aston Martin, the characters - MonyPenney, Q, M -,and the usual jaunting around the world, thw movie is so basic, that leaves a bit of an unfinished taste ... I a a big fanon the films, and I did enjoythis one, but I can't wait for the next one ... you know what mean!?
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Skyfall is a great shot in the arm for the Bond franchise

By master_jedi
Written November 13, 2012
Skyfall is a great reboot to the Bond franchise. It's what the comic book industry calls a jumping on point for new fans. I think Daniel Craig put on his best Bond performance and can solidify his place in the halls of former Bond actors, as one of the better Bond actors. There really isn't much from the script perspective that makes you cheer in amazement as the plot is rather typical for a espionage/action film, but Craig makes up for it and does a good job at carrying the film. It's a pretty decent film for adults and if you don't mind your kids seeing violence, it's okay there. Skyfall isn't a record breaker and won't last longer than a week at the number one spot, but it's a well needed reboot to the franchise and sets the stage for much better Bond films, where Hollywood will have a chance at doing something that's rare...being creative. I think 007 fans will be satisfied.
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Bond is starting to look familiar

By HoodCritic1
Written November 11, 2012
Daniel Craig is back and as solid as ever as 007 in Sam Mendes' installment. The story is rich in action, backstory and foreshadowing as Bond is starting to resemble himself as depicted in the 60s. The additions of Ralph Finnes, Naomi Harris and Ben Wishaw offer a fresh and exciting look to the 50 year old Bond legacy and Javier Bardem and Berenice Marlohe were great. Not the most exciting chapter in the Bond franchise but a solid addition nonetheless.
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Great acting, unbelievably stupid script

By lampstand2
Written August 26, 2014
I Love Bond movies, and love Daniel Craig in the role, and the acting in this movie was superb, but the story line was soooooo dumb. I don't want to wreck the movie for those who haven't yet seen it, but suffice it to say: if you have a mad man killing dozens by the minute as he aims to kill M, why in the world would Bond not get more agents involved in protecting M, especially when they are held up in an old English house in the countryside knowing they are going to be attacked! There are so many lapses from reality in this movie it would take paragraphs to list them. On a positive note, the Bond girls in this movie are as sexy as they come! Penny Money is to die for!
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Not a true Bond

By dariahomedelivery
Written September 17, 2014
Outside of a cool opening sequence, this movie lacked the intrigue, the suspense, the glamour, the scenery......and the silly gadgets.............of a true Bond flick. James was tall, dark and handsome, elegant and debonaire, with a deep sultry voice. Sorry, Daniel Craig didn't quite fit the bill.
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