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By LizzyGD
Written November 11, 2012
I had not been to a James Bond movie in years, but LOVED it! Great story, lots of action, of course, and several twists. MUST GO!
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By moosejaw
Written April 22, 2015
This version of 007 was a bit different than the others and more indepth with the characters. I loved the contrast to the gagetry and action ~ very well done!! Daniel Craig and Judy Dench are top notch.
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A Merrie Chase

By skyfan
Written May 26, 2015
Skyfall is an interesting venture for Bond, one that I liked but others who were expecting a more traditional exposition may find less appealing. Certainly it has exotic locations, beautiful women, and action a-plenty, but the plot is what's different. It's "smaller", focusing on one man's quest for revenge and another man's quest for redemption rather than world domination or economic collapse. Therefore, it's also much more personal for Bond and others in his world. The cinematography is first-rate, with stylistic beauty seldom seen in an action film, and a complicated but comprehensible script that unfolds in several layers that gives the viewers time to figure it out before the characters do and then wait for the mayhem to be delivered. And deliver it does; however in a way that's also plausible (no hollowed-out volcano craters this time) and at the same time brutal in its simplicity. This isn't for everyone; but for fans of Bond it is a compelling chapter in his legend.
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Strong Characters, So-So Plot

By barryanoland
Written January 27, 2015
I have to give the disclaimer that I am new to the Bond world. The only Bond films I've seen from start to finish are the last 2 Daniel Craig editions. So I could be commenting on something that's a typical Bond device and I just wasn't aware. It was well-acted and I felt like I knew every major character in the film. But, for me, there wasn't enough plot or action build to the finale. However, I wasn't disappointed that I saw it. The whole thing was visually stunning the subway scene is incredible (Oscar-worthy)!
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Bring back Sean Connery

By bartab
Written May 23, 2015
Die hard Bond fans might like this movie. I thought it was a 2 1/2 hour bore. I should have saved $15 and seen something else. Missing were the exotic locations ,the gadgets, action and a plot. Daniel Craig looked tired through the movie.The movie spent the last 30 minutes blowing up an old mansion.Javier Bardem plays the villain not very convincingly .Missing was the coin toss and CO2 canister(whatever it was) from “No Country for Old Men”.If he had it in this movie it would have been the best gadget. To be fair if you saw the action in the trailers don’t expect much more.The movie was ½ hour too long.The theater I saw it in was packed. There were plenty of people nodding off and a few people did exit early.
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