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By BJ5400
Written August 23, 2016
Great Bon movie. Nice to see it go back to basics and not be so sci-fi. I got lost on the last 5+ Bond movies and am a beliver again.
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Bond Reinvented

By Darkola
Written February 12, 2016
The negative: There are a few scenes in this movie that we've seen before in movies, for example, fight scene in a train going into tunnels, motorcycle chase on rooftop, been there, done that. There was also one scene in particular, a train crash in tunnel that looked real cheesy. I also didnt care for the main bad guy, could have found someone better. The Plus: Everything else, with the little bit of negative I wrote above, this was really a great movie, one of my favorite Bond movies. I think what made this movie better in my opinion is the fact that they didnt get carried away with far fetch gadgets and chase scenes, they took it back a notch to old school, where you can believe it more. I also like the way they introduce us to a whole new reboot of the Bond characters, which I wont reveal as I dont want to give away to much of the movie itself. Daniel Craig did a great job as Bond, and the story itself was good. I would give this 3 1/2 stars out of 4 myself, enjoy :)
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I enjoyed SkyFall very much!

By NancyFleur
Written February 06, 2016
It was very exciting, one of those movies where you can just sit back and be entertained. I like Daniel Craig very much. The scenery was great.
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By Tufrmone
Written May 25, 2016
Skyfall has been totally overhyped. When a movie is restructured back to a more realistic and believable character, the plot and the stunts needs to be believable. This isn't. From the beginning when Bond is shot on the top of a moving train, falls into water from at least a hundred feet unconscious, and lives, the movie requires suspension of disbelief after suspension of disbelief. The Villain walks around in a phony blonde wig and assuming you can accept his sole goal is to murder M, you have to accept that all of the many many henchmen that support him are willing to sacrifice their lives for nothing but the goal of killing her as well. That doesn't work for me. It also doesn't work that the best way to protect the old woman who is running the most sophisticated spy network in the World next to the CIA is to go to the most isolated place in the United Kingdom with nothing but some dynamite, gasoline, a shotgun and Bond. It just doesn't work. Tufr
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Everything To Expect In Bond...Very Entertaining.

By Alon Patterson
Written March 28, 2015
What's to say about a decades old franchise like Bond? It has become a brand with EXTREME quality control and as such, NEVER diverts from either its formula or its product quality in order to ensure longevity in profits to its investors. In a word, Bond is manufactured entertainment at its finest and as such, this installment is top quality as well. Perhaps the Bond films are a bit formulaic but through the many prequels leading to this one, they've maintained both modern appeal and audience loyalty by delivering what people go to movies for. Throughout two hours plus, when one sees a Bond film, we are transported through vicarious experience into a visual world so distracting as to have us nearly forget our present worldly lives and to become engaged in other mindful thoughts as elicited in plot by the visual and auditory actions of those moments. In essence we are thoroughly entertained. That's the value of this movie and its ticket. See it. You won't be disappointed in this escape.
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