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Could have used a better script

By Cavtrooper36
Written April 27, 2017
Standard Bond stuff you've seen before with more gasoline explosions and shooting. Take a pass and save your money unless you're into ear splitting explosions and "not to be believed stunts".
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A mortal Bond, uplifted by the efforts of all of us

By hi.jonathan.alvarez
Written February 21, 2017
The bond film still contains the very dramatic and also very beautiful opening sequence with Adele singing. Not having the opening sequence is like not having a James Bond film at all, it is very expected. In Skyfall we are presented with a very mortal Bond, which gives him a more human characteristic than before. Daniel Craig's acting also helps us believe Bond's pain and also makes us sentimental. Cinematography is immaculate and gives the settings punch. The film takes you to exotic locations and won't make you as dizzy with fast cut scenes like Quantum of Solace did. With the film running over 2 hours, you do get your money's worth in content. Slight humor here and there was present and at some points the movie slowed down quite a bit, but only to pick up pace to an intense action scenes where the audience prays for Bond to win. The ending is very dramatic with lots of explosions and not typical of a Bond ending. Both fans, and regular audiences will love this film.
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By aashleyitrt
Written June 24, 2017
I have been a Bond fan for over 30 years. This is definitely a must see! They do a great job tying in some of the old information with the new plot!
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By JimLockard
Written May 29, 2017
This film has most of what you would expect of a Bond film in terms of action, gadgets, women, exotic locations, etc. It also has a deeper, more personal plot than any other Bond film that I have seen. Also, there are a number of references to classic films and to some of the earlier Bond concepts that are fun, but do not detract from the storyline. I totally enjoyed the film.
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A Bond Movie for the Ages

By ethanschreuder
Written November 09, 2012
I went to this movie at a midnight premiere. I would just like to comment about how many people were dressed up in tuxedos and dresses (bond girls). Anyway, this movie is an emotional roller coaster filled with action, suspense, and an unexpected amount of humor. I must say that at multiple times, I found myself watching the movie with a gaping jaw and the thought, "did that really just happen?" This is a must see movie. Daniel Craig is an excellent bond who goes through some emotional scenes in this movie. Obviously I'm not going to give them away! All I will say is that you get a glimpse of James Bond's past. A must see for all ages (except the little ones- obviously for the violence)
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