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By JimLockard
Written May 28, 2016
This film has most of what you would expect of a Bond film in terms of action, gadgets, women, exotic locations, etc. It also has a deeper, more personal plot than any other Bond film that I have seen. Also, there are a number of references to classic films and to some of the earlier Bond concepts that are fun, but do not detract from the storyline. I totally enjoyed the film.
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A Bond Movie for the Ages

By ethanschreuder
Written November 09, 2012
I went to this movie at a midnight premiere. I would just like to comment about how many people were dressed up in tuxedos and dresses (bond girls). Anyway, this movie is an emotional roller coaster filled with action, suspense, and an unexpected amount of humor. I must say that at multiple times, I found myself watching the movie with a gaping jaw and the thought, "did that really just happen?" This is a must see movie. Daniel Craig is an excellent bond who goes through some emotional scenes in this movie. Obviously I'm not going to give them away! All I will say is that you get a glimpse of James Bond's past. A must see for all ages (except the little ones- obviously for the violence)
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Skyfall one the best Bonds Yet

By ksaldutti
Written August 27, 2016
I have seen every Bond move to date and Craig is a real emulation to James Bond. He brings a human to a character that had become more of a cartoon in previous Bond films. We noticed the welcome deference in Casino Royal that we had a James Bond that had warm blood running and heart. Skyfall was great take on it 50th. with nostalgia of the Sean Connery days but with years clocked for now. Fun and entertaining during the entire film. I’ll be adding this to my collection and it will stand out as being the start of the second generation fifty and beyond.
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Ludicrous at best lacking creativity

By a3arar
Written August 20, 2016
007 dropped to equate any action movie, in fact it won't pass others. Chinese action is more entertaining. Those guys lost it all on all frontiers except for Daniel Craig. No gadgets, no cars, so so bond women, and the script... I will give them credit for some train action in the beginning, yet that was dropped by his fall. That was the first disappointment. Then it is downhill from there. The best 007 is Casino Royal. No comparison.
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The worst 007 ever

By guer_v
Written March 03, 2015
Not only was this the worst in my memory, but also least James Bond -like of them all. Why do we like James Bond? He kicks ass, beds women, has cool toys, all the while avoids sleeping, eating, visiting only places with generous vistas. In this movie, only vistas are present. The movie tries to be serious and - how to put it - working an age perspective - we get old and should consider retirement? I am not sure. On being serious - a parliamentary investigative committee asking whether do we even need human spies, and the answer by M - "do you feel safe"?!!! All he while trying to make right major f..up by her department. More multiple continuous failures throughout the movie - hacked network, lost/escaped list of covert operatives, shooting 007 and letting bad guy go, young smug Q plugging bad guy's laptop into internal network, being surprised at being infected, and that's AFTER the network was hacked in the first place! Women? What women?! Infuriating.
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