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Great acting, unbelievably stupid script

By lampstand2
Written November 26, 2015
I Love Bond movies, and love Daniel Craig in the role, and the acting in this movie was superb, but the story line was soooooo dumb. I don't want to wreck the movie for those who haven't yet seen it, but suffice it to say: if you have a mad man killing dozens by the minute as he aims to kill M, why in the world would Bond not get more agents involved in protecting M, especially when they are held up in an old English house in the countryside knowing they are going to be attacked! There are so many lapses from reality in this movie it would take paragraphs to list them. On a positive note, the Bond girls in this movie are as sexy as they come! Penny Money is to die for!
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Sky FAILURE. Take out the 007 name, this is just one more stupid movie.

By wingmakertx
Written May 28, 2016
A disappointment!!! Nothing new or creative. The plot has no depth or intelligence... just the basic fundamentals of killing, revenge, torture and degrading women, as use and dispose of. The author and director fail to upgrade 007 to the 21st century I recommencement you wait until the movie is on TV and save yourself the time, money and disappointment.. . . . . . .. . In today's show business ANYONE can produce a violence movie that includes cars, guns, women. pyrotechnics and special effects .... so if you take out the 007 name, this is just one more stupid movie.
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A salute to the old school James Bond!

By Baba Jun
Written April 29, 2016
Skyfall was action pack, but not a video game CGI crazy movie. The homage to the old school James Bond flicks of Sean Connery were really satisfying. The last two Daniel Craig bonds are more dramatic and soulful. It is a bit of a departure from the old formula, but it works very well. You see more of a tormented Bond, a dark side of the espionage he is involved in. Alone with only his work to affirm his existence. The new Bond delves into this dark side and a more emotionally filled movie is on the screen. Perhaps it is the nature of the movie making, you have alter the formula for success even a good one like James Bond. Just don't do like Coke, there is no going back to the CGI and superfluous scripts!! Must See!!
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Good old fashion fun

By cdavisdc
Written May 03, 2016
Very good action flick. In the true tradition of the James Bond movies we have been seeing for years. Nice to see a movie that is not over the top!
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Not the Best

By krajci3
Written June 26, 2016
Enjoyable, yes. Daniel Craig, very hot.There have been better Bond movies. There was not enough interaction with the "Bond Girl". Not even sure which one it was. I was surprised by the ending. I know many people liked it, but this was the VERY FIRST time I looked at my watch during a Bond movie. I thought it was slow in many parts, and the opening seen left a lot to be desired. The villian was not a REAL villan, but a former co-worker turned vengeful. The opening number was brilliantly performed but there again, lacked the shadowed naked women. Sorry everyone. I was pretty upset myself at my non-reaction to this movie. Guess I'm more of a traditionalist.
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