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The Worst of the Daniel Craig Series

By jtwanabe
Written November 10, 2012
When you are looking at your watch during a bond movie you know there is something not right. No plot, loose ends and goofy characters. Q's replacement isn't at all convincing. The main evil guy looks like an unemployed hairdresser. Ms Moneypenny is too soft a charater. Nooooo edged to her. The other bond girl looks like a New Orleans cross dresser. Yeah it's that bad. No really it is. Couldn't they have killed off M in a more traditionally bond way?
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By LizzyGD
Written June 02, 2015
I had not been to a James Bond movie in years, but LOVED it! Great story, lots of action, of course, and several twists. MUST GO!
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A Merrie Chase

By skyfan
Written May 26, 2015
Skyfall is an interesting venture for Bond, one that I liked but others who were expecting a more traditional exposition may find less appealing. Certainly it has exotic locations, beautiful women, and action a-plenty, but the plot is what's different. It's "smaller", focusing on one man's quest for revenge and another man's quest for redemption rather than world domination or economic collapse. Therefore, it's also much more personal for Bond and others in his world. The cinematography is first-rate, with stylistic beauty seldom seen in an action film, and a complicated but comprehensible script that unfolds in several layers that gives the viewers time to figure it out before the characters do and then wait for the mayhem to be delivered. And deliver it does; however in a way that's also plausible (no hollowed-out volcano craters this time) and at the same time brutal in its simplicity. This isn't for everyone; but for fans of Bond it is a compelling chapter in his legend.
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By mellinda942
Written September 07, 2013
I wished they did more action than just war strategy.
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A lot of action movie

By jaybouldin
Written September 02, 2015
There were times when it wasn't clear how Bond got from one place to another. All of a sudden he was just there! The action was intense and fantastic. It is a must see movie.
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