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All the Bond elements are there and it is a good one!

By Nacho Baggo
Written May 06, 2016
Bond fans must go and see the tweaks and franchise moves. This time Bond isn't saving the world. He's saving MI6. More action and less Bond women, though. Javier Bardem is confident & creepy and the stunts are the best in a long while. Mendes tells a flowing story with great shots of Shaghai, creat chase scenes, a tough underwater scene, and if you scared of heights he plays on that, too. Way better than the last Bond and many future seeds are planted. Full price okay.
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SkyFall, 007 with Swagger!

By alivia_d
Written November 09, 2012
James Bond 007 is back, not you 007 of the past. Daniel Craig's Bond has 'Swagger'. Really liked Craig's rugged, stone cold, ice blue stare darker Bond and the ability to use old techniques instead of heavily relying on technology. Without giving away the ending, in the end it paid off. How can you fight what you can't see? There was loads of symbolism in this movie. In the one scene, where Craig is being ushered in on a boat and passes thru the mouth of two dragons, looked like a scene straight out of Heliophant, I Pet Goat, II. Shout out to MKUltra, as "Orphans make the best Agents". Naomie Harris' character, Eve, complimented 007, unlike that tired Catwoman in TDKR. Eve added the right amount of finess, humor and strength she had Bonds back. Xavier "No Country for Old Men" Bardem was an unrelenting brilliant villan. His psyop, psychotic homosexual character, with the over bleached, over processed hair was all over the place, but on point with his mission. Skyfall may oversell TDKR.
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By lhouser77
Written November 10, 2012
OMG!! What a great movie and movie theater experience!! The theater is awesome! Was in awe of the Big screen, the sound system, and the seating! The movie blew me away!! I am in love with the Daniel Craig Bond!! he is now becoming the iconic Bond like Connery. It is good for young teens on up. The special effects and action was mind blowing! The best movie experience I have ever had! Cant wait to experience another movie at this theater!!! Leslie Houser
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See it for Javier Bardem

By Lonestar149
Written November 10, 2012
The pro reviews of Skyfall set my expectations on 'High', though, in my view, it did not live up. I thought it was better than Quantum of Solace, but not nearly as good as Casino Royale, which still remains the gold standard of Daniel Craig (and perhaps all) James Bond Movies. The movie seemed disjointed and almost incoherent at times -- particularly on the boat ride to Silva's island lair. As a result, I was not really able to engage in the movie and care much about the people the movie wants me to care about. I think this is the essential difference between Casino Royale and the other Daniel Craig Bond films. The people in Casino were real. In the other films, they're pretty much just plastic action figures. Having said that, I thought Javier Bardem's performance was quite remarkable and worth the price of admission. Bérénice Marlohe's also did a lot with a small part.
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More gritty, Less witty

Written November 11, 2012
From the opening score to the final scene, the mood and scenery was dark and at times, surreal. This was not your typical Bond film. It was very physical and fast-paced. The opening scene had all the action familiar to the one in Casino Royale. The plot was somewhat predictable and two dimensional yet psychologically challenging which kept the viewer's attention. Javier Bardem gave an Oscar worthy performance with well written dialogue. The cinematogrophy was sensational and wardrobe was stunning. The continuity and depth of the action sequences throughout the film was its highlight which blended well with the storyline. The entire cast was superb including Judi Dench, Albert Finney, Naomie Harris and particularly Bérénice Marlohe who gave an emotionally charged performance. Daniel Craig has once again carried the film to a new level of thrilling action and cinematic sensation. Dark, cerebral and gritty, this Bond film unlike the others has an element of integrity and contemplation.
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