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By Lake_Lover
Written September 16, 2014
Right from the beginning I felt like I was missing something about our hero Bond, what happened to him. The action was none stop intense, I had to remind myself to breath. As always, intense situations, oh those fears of heights. It is another Bond movie that has broken away into its own format, yet there are always reminders of the past. Great movie, but it will take about three viewings before I have seen everything that is going on. Great action movie for the kids as well. If you love Bond, this is another must see!
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Nice start to the continuing 007 Series

By Hafusha25
Written August 31, 2014
Finally the traditional Sean Conery 007 Theme music plays, as Craig takes over on the big screen as the new rising Bond character. It all comes together now. If you are the traditional Bond lover from Conery, to Moore films, you'll appreciate this movie. Enjoy.
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By LizzyGD
Written November 11, 2012
I had not been to a James Bond movie in years, but LOVED it! Great story, lots of action, of course, and several twists. MUST GO!
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The Worst of the Daniel Craig Series

By jtwanabe
Written November 10, 2012
When you are looking at your watch during a bond movie you know there is something not right. No plot, loose ends and goofy characters. Q's replacement isn't at all convincing. The main evil guy looks like an unemployed hairdresser. Ms Moneypenny is too soft a charater. Nooooo edged to her. The other bond girl looks like a New Orleans cross dresser. Yeah it's that bad. No really it is. Couldn't they have killed off M in a more traditionally bond way?
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By mellinda942
Written September 07, 2013
I wished they did more action than just war strategy.
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