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Skyfall Synopsis
James Bond's (Daniel Craig) loyalty to M is tested when her past comes back to haunt her.
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By pankjer
The best Bond ever. It's so different from the previous movies. It has action, humor and something you usually don't see in a Bond movie, heart and soul. A very powerful performance by Craig. The...

Shaken & Stirred

By bbecker258
God Save MI-6, movie was great, no gimicks to a large part, faithful to past with a good reworking of main characters. A scene in the tube was hokey. Good job of aging Bond. Santa I want a Jag for...

Skyfall one the best Bonds Yet

By ksaldutti
I have seen every Bond move to date and Craig is a real emulation to James Bond. He brings a human to a character that had become more of a cartoon in previous Bond films. We noticed the welcome...


By BJ5400
Great Bon movie. Nice to see it go back to basics and not be so sci-fi. I got lost on the last 5+ Bond movies and am a beliver again....

Bond Reinvented

By Darkola
The negative: There are a few scenes in this movie that we've seen before in movies, for example, fight scene in a train going into tunnels, motorcycle chase on rooftop, been there, done that. There...

I enjoyed SkyFall very much!

By NancyFleur
It was very exciting, one of those movies where you can just sit back and be entertained. I like Daniel Craig very much. The scenery was great....


By Tufrmone
Skyfall has been totally overhyped. When a movie is restructured back to a more realistic and believable character, the plot and the stunts needs to be believable. This isn't. From the beginning when...

Everything To Expect In Bond...Very Entertaining.

By Al P
What's to say about a decades old franchise like Bond? It has become a brand with EXTREME quality control and as such, NEVER diverts from either its formula or its product quality in order to ensure...

Tired boring loud repetitive

By ajfincke
I found the movie uninspiring. I did however agree with the plot line that Judi Dench and Daniel Craig should be put out to pasture! And why is he being sent out with a little gun and a car from the...

Not Your Typical...

By jbinminot
Bond movie. This one is more of a character study than even Casino Royale. The acting was outstanding especially by Javiar Bardem and Judi Dench. I think it's one of the best movies of the year....

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Rated PG-13 | For Language, Intense Violent Sequences, Smoking and Some Sexuality
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Common Sense Media says Bond returns for more racy, action-packed thrills.
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