Pretty Good Bond,

By ayon18
Written November 09, 2012
Was a good Bond, with solid bond traits....going back to classics, less brute violence and more witticism than the past 2, but I am biased to the old school Bonds. Overall would definitely watch it again!
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By ClaireOKC
Written August 27, 2016
Ok - Bond and Christmas go together like horse & carriage - I'm from the old school and no one was as good as Sean Connery, except Craig is coming awfully close. He's sensitive w/o being sappy (a la Dalton) and yet totally believable - he makes Bond real again. I'm a lot older now, know more and am rarely surprised, but this movie did accomplish what it's supposed to. The Bond format was never meant to be a message vehicle or was a ground-breaking medium for dramatic insights - it's escapism - plain and simple. We don't have to get a message out of every dramatic event! Saw this in IMAX and recommend it. Craig is totally plausible, homage to the old Bond (this is 50/y anniversary after all), twist on twist - you will not guess the end (well OK you might, but it's not obvious), definitely for adults, very intense - not for young kids. Don't look for a soul-searching message, but do look for another facet to the Bond we all know and love.
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One word: WOW!

By Inuyasha2087
Written August 24, 2016
From beginning to end, there was none-stop action. But the coolest part was that there was a lot of symbolism involved, which I wont spoil. You get to hear the background stories of some of the characters and you get to meet new ones. And all I can say is that the acting was phenomenal. Another plus is that there were lots of funny moments, totally unlike the usual Bond movies, but all of the laughs were completely appropriate to the situations. And since this is Skyfall, I was glad that the director didn't go in too much of the sex-scenes since that would have distracted way too much to the overall storyline. So If you have kids, you can close their eyes 2-3 times throughout the movie. However, I don't recommend you will want them to hear some of the innuendos that is the norm to all Bond movies. This movie is for date night. All in all, this is one of the best Bond movies I've seen to date.
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By Uberfan
Written May 02, 2016
Bond as Bond should be. Daniel Craig IS James Bond in Skyfall.
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Best Bond Movie Ever!

By Bill C-PA
Written June 26, 2016
This was not only the best Bond movie ever, it rates right up there with my all time favorite movies. The IMAX experience added extra to the overall enjoyment. This movie had everything - a good plot and plenty of non-stop action. There are a couple of scenes in which information is intentionally left out and you wonder 'how did he do that' (the bad guy), but that really does add to the movie. Acting was great as were all the special effects. I'll be seeing this movie again - Highly recommended.
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