I would make an effort to see this film in an IMAX theater near you

By JoefromGA
Written November 12, 2012
Worth every nickel. IMAX – worth the additional cost. The opening credits were really unique and I really liked them. Action scenes were wicked - made me squirm in my seat. Characters were excellent and well developed – villains and heroes. Even the story - the plot - was good; probably the best story of the series. I can’t wait for the next story to arrive. There was a preview for Hansel and Gretel that was very gory - not for little kids (or really anyone for that matter). There were a couple of curse-words (f-bomb makes its first series appearance), but nothing gratuitous. At nearly 2:30:00, it is on the edge of long – so if you’re a frequent visitor to the restroom, you may want to skip the large soda or water. I may go see it again - after Lincoln, of course.
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Lots of action and nostalgia!

By G_and_M
Written November 10, 2012
The movie opens with intense action and give you plenty throughout. The plot is simple and easy to understand, providing a vehicle for typical Bond action, humor, and liaisons. Some nostalgic allusions to classic Bond. Just a fun movie.
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Well crafted, but well worn

By angstrom60
Written November 10, 2012
Just as the theme of the film seemed to center around whether Bond and M were becoming relics of a previous age, so too does the Bond film itself. While the actors, story, dialogue, pacing and direction were all more than competent, I couldn't help but feel that things were just a little too mechanical; a little drained of energy. It seemed to check all of the boxes on what Bond films have delivered in the past, but nothing that really stood out. Having said that, the IMAX presentation was a fantastic match for the film, since there were several establishing and travelling shots that were wide-screen panoramas of landscapes or cityscapes—these looked stunning. I most remember the overlook to Bond's childhood residence and the approach to Shanghai downtown. If you have the opportunity to see this in IMAX, do so. In summary, if you're in the mood for a Bond film, this will almost certainly scratch that itch. But don't expect to be wowed.
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Skyfall: A nod to Bonds past, but a major leap forward

By middleagedmoviegeek
Written November 13, 2012
Skyfall strips the James Bond franchise down to it's essentials, with affectionate nods to past adventures along the way (the Walther PPK, the Aston Martin, Q and Moneypenny). But rather than simply wallow in nostalgia, the movie also reshapes Bond to truly fit the modern age; something Casino Royale began, but more in set dressing (the use of cellphones and computers) than actual story line. Gone are over the top supervillains with outlandish fortresses in space or stroking their cats in hallowed out volcanoes. Today's threats are more internal and tenacious (a rogue agent who seeks revenge through cyberterrorism and is not hellbent on ruling the world so much as turning it upside down). A recently injured Bond also must rediscover essential truths about himself in order to regain full confidence. It's also one hell of a ride, too! This may very well be the most personal Bond movie; but it's not a soap opera by any means. One of the best Bonds in years.
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Skyfall IMAX - Loved it! Great action & chase scenes.

By LyonLady
Written November 10, 2012
Thoroughly enjoyed this film. IMAX and Skyfall are a match made in heaven. Great action and chase scenes. Craig makes a perfect contemporary Bond. Cinematography, characters, sound, directing all contributed to an entertaining and fun experience. Highly recommend.
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