Best Bond ever!

By rfunderburg
Written August 29, 2016
Great script bringing the charchter James Bond to life. T he tie in with the older movies was done brilliantly and not cheesy.this is a must go even if you are not a Bond fan.
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SKYFALL : Best of Bond

By BAD_DAD2010
Written May 29, 2016
SKYFALL is a "must see" film for anyone who ever had a desire to know "Bond, James Bond" Daniel Craig now defines Bond as Ian Fleming may have envisioned him, "Flawed Perfection". Sam Mendes directs the action in suburb fashion, and the protagonist, well, you must go to see the film to discover this brilliant performance. It is one of those movie I will see again, in theater, and certainly add to my collection later.
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Bond is like a fine wine...

By MedRed
Written October 21, 2014
...this series just gets better with age. Daniel Craig, beautiful cars, beautiful women, beautiful cinematography, an amazing score, great acting, and most importantly... A PLOT! This big budget movie delivers on every penny with spectacular settings and visuals. Skyfall modernizes the Bond experience to be relevant to our age of digital espionage. Never fear... there's no lack of high flying stunts and massive explosions. Throw in a plot not riddled with massive holes, and you end up with a movie going experience the excites the senses and leaves the entire audience clapping at the conclusion. Go see this movie!
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Worth the wait

By GfromNY
Written July 29, 2015
Skyfall was delayed for quite a while due to legal complications but it is worth the wait. Sam Mendes does an outstanding job as director balancing great action sequences with effective character development. Daniel Craig continues to wear the Bond mantle extremely well - although age is creeping up on both of them. Javier Badem is destined to enter the pantheon of best Bond villians ever.
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One of the best Bond films to date!

By nickshaw2814
Written October 21, 2014
I realize that this is just my opinion but I though that this film was amazing. It brings the action as any Bond film does but it was the acting, the story, the emotions the actors portrayed in their characters that made this film incredible. Since this is the 50th anniversary Bond film they really gave the Bond fans a nod to the history. From the introduction of classic characters, gadgets, and the car. They really did a fantastic job. I still prefer Casino Royal but this was a close second. and I think that with time it may be my favorite one yet! A must see for any Bond fan or avid movie goer.
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