Non-stop action!

By tangierene
Written September 28, 2016
From start to finish, the action never stops in this latest Bond thriller. Daniel Craig is THE Bond of our time with a performance that is honest, gritty and entirely believable. Despite my dismay at having a gay villain (too many people already believe gays are evil and this won't help) Javier Badem's portrayal of a twisted former agent gone crazy after being 'given up' to be tortured for months as a political pawn is chilling and heart wrenching all at once. Keeping with tradition, Bond travels to several exotic locales leaving me with an overwhelming desire to book passage to Shang Hai asap. With lots of nods to the original Bond films from the 60's, this film has something for fans of all ages.
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Bond is Back

By boston1952
Written February 22, 2017
Skyfall is a terrific movie. Daniel Craig continues to shine as the best Bond since Connery, in my opinion. Dame Judy is wonderful, as she always is, as M. Javier Bardem makes for a convincing and foppish but not cartoonish villain. The Craig movies have shown us Bond is not just a spy but a man with issues and vulnerabilities and a personal story we have rarely seen. No spoliers here but be prepared for some surprises. Everything old is new again.
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Best Fall ever

Written January 16, 2017
Skyfall is by far the Best James Bond. Sean Connery was and still is my favorite Dreamy Bond, but I have to say Daniel Craig has made the role his own. This Bond story was not only riveting and exciting, but it blew me away. The story line was fantastic and it gave us some background on the Bond Family as well. I was glad to see some new Bond alies as well. All I can say is I have already pre-ordered this Bond to add to my collection, NOW BRING ON MORE BOND! JAMES BOND. Can't wait for the next one. Go check it out for yourself, and if you are truly a Bond fan you will have a good ride with this one. HAPPY VIEWING. JUST ME SD
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The best Bond movie in years

By siwamoto
Written February 12, 2016
The Bond movie Skyfall is a well directed update to the franchise, with well chosen bits of nostalgia. Javier Bardem is sensational in this one. Sam Mendes brings a new and fresh perspective to the whole action genre with a lot of brainpower. Not to be missed!
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Lots of action and nostalgia!

By G_and_M
Written December 06, 2016
The movie opens with intense action and give you plenty throughout. The plot is simple and easy to understand, providing a vehicle for typical Bond action, humor, and liaisons. Some nostalgic allusions to classic Bond. Just a fun movie.
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