Do yourself a favor and go Watch Skyfall

By Mr_india
Written November 12, 2012
Daniel Craig is coming out from the shadow of one of the worst Bond ever with Skyfall. Everything in the movie was perfect. Direction, Action and few chuckles here and there.
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All Out Sensor Stimiluator

By notbond-james-bond
Written May 07, 2015
From the first scene to the last, this movie will have rivited to your seat. Sensory overload is constant throughout. Bond at his best. Vunerable and deadly. He has it all. Daniel Craig at his best. Great script, scenery and acting. A must see! Sam Mendes directing to maximize the action.
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By ClaireOKC
Written August 30, 2016
Ok - Bond and Christmas go together like horse & carriage - I'm from the old school and no one was as good as Sean Connery, except Craig is coming awfully close. He's sensitive w/o being sappy (a la Dalton) and yet totally believable - he makes Bond real again. I'm a lot older now, know more and am rarely surprised, but this movie did accomplish what it's supposed to. The Bond format was never meant to be a message vehicle or was a ground-breaking medium for dramatic insights - it's escapism - plain and simple. We don't have to get a message out of every dramatic event! Saw this in IMAX and recommend it. Craig is totally plausible, homage to the old Bond (this is 50/y anniversary after all), twist on twist - you will not guess the end (well OK you might, but it's not obvious), definitely for adults, very intense - not for young kids. Don't look for a soul-searching message, but do look for another facet to the Bond we all know and love.
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Best Bond Movie Yet!

By Mpistor84
Written November 10, 2012
This was easily the best of the Daniel Craig Bond movies. The IMAX was well worth the extra money and it made the action scenes heart-pounding! Very good story, great acting, great casting, great directing make this the best of the modern Bond movies.
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Skyfall Rocked My World!!!

By hockey mama
Written April 29, 2016
I have never seen such an exciting, entertaining, suspenseful, action packed movie in my LIFE!!! I love James Bond and this is the BEST movie in the 50 year history! The IMAX experience is the ONLY way to see this film. I will see this again, its worth every dollar!!!
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