Best 007 in a Long Time!

By Pandey
Written November 13, 2012
Great addition to the line-up. I, personally, like this better than any in decades. Daniel Craig may be the best Bond since, or equal to, Sean Connery. He has an intense presence and bearing of one who has experienced enough treacherous encounters to make his nerves of steel glisten like an exquisite knife. A central part of the plot is his relationship with M. I won't give it away, but their intense bond (no pun intended) is a deep undercurrent in the film. This gives Craig an ability to reveal a depth of character and human feelings that Bond so often has to segregate to execute his jobs effectively. Not only is this a "Must Go" for Bond fans, I highly encourage anyone thinking about it. The movie is a visual delight and shies away from a bunch of gratuitous junk (yep, there's some) to fill the time before the next round of combat.
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Best Bond movie ever!!

By kdavis910
Written August 20, 2014
Movie was awesome! It started with a bang and was non-stop action. Several nods to classic Bond movies. It's a must see for any Bond fan!!
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AMAZING movie!

By AngyRocks510
Written July 30, 2014
I absolutely loved this movie. I'd say about an hour into it you begin to get distracted but not for long! The ending tied in PERFECTLY with the other Bond movies. If you're a fan, you will definitely appreciate it. I love all the Bond films, but this one left me teary eyed WITH EXCITEMENT! Loved it! A def must see!
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Worst Daniel Craig Bond so far

By Brian202020
Written November 29, 2014
The biggest issues I had with it were all the continuity errors. There is more continuity errors in Skyfall than plot holes in Prometheus. Another issue I was they used the "Bond" themed music as a crutch. This is very apparent at the Skyfall mansion durring the shoot out. I felt Sam made the film feel nothing like a Bond film. The only reason you knew, was the music. The actors didn't act like you'd expect. I don't feel Sam did the franchise any justice, and I believe even if this film makes a ton of money, it will look back on as a failure. As for Roger Deakins, the issues I had with him was the way he shot it was nothing you'd expect from a Bond film. I did like the Blade Runner looking scene, but that wasn't bond like either. Roger and Sam approached the action scenes differently than you'd expect, and not in a good way. The opening scenes were ok, but could have been a lot better. Overall I was disappointed. Also don't see in IMAX, not worth it, it was only shot in 2K not 4K.
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Good but not great

By luisrcadiz
Written November 29, 2014
Entertaining movie but the story itself wasn't very original. One thing I did like about the movie was the awesome visuals. It's better than Quantum of Solace but not as good as Casino Royal.
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