Two Precious Hours Lost Forever

By gmendez497
Written August 04, 2007
I understand that a lot of hard work goes into movie making, but when I voluntarily give up my time to watch a film I expect to walk away and say to myself ”It wasn't that bad". In this case it was. The story line was great but the execution was GARBAGE! Which is a shame because I've been a fan of Behrs' since Prophecy. Do yourselves a favor and wait for the rental. The only way I'll subject myself to watching this movie again is if the Florida State District Attorney requires me to do so as part of a punishment.
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Two words...

By ElizaCortez
Written July 25, 2007
Jason Behr! Enough said! He's hot AND talented! Plus, werewolves are timeless and cool.
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Wolves come out at night.

By daemynsully
Written July 19, 2007
An Alter beast horror film. A more interesting down to earth style of werewolves. Gun fights and hot girls. Looks like a fun time.
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SKin Walkers

By Bianca0412
Written June 03, 2007
This movie looks like a must see for all horror and sci fi lovers alike
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Bark at the moon

By blue knight
Written August 08, 2007
Werewolve's movie's are always cool so will this one , it's rock n roll time.
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