Wow, very powerful and moving!

By njmoviefan
Written November 01, 2009
This is a must see! Wow! What a great and compelling film! Very powerful and moving! Extraordinary acting! Based on a true story from Apartheid-era South Africa. The story follows the life of Sandra Laing, who was a dark skinned girl born to white parents in a racially divided South Africa.
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By cplotkin
Written November 01, 2009
A beautifully conceived and executed film, and a deeply moving one. It would have been easy to overdraw the pathos and oversimplify the conflicts. Instead, the director and actors let the story and human contradictions express themselves with terrible directness. The ending, however,--the final minutes of the film--seems falsely uplifting.
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By mmattin459
Written November 25, 2015
Amazing story. I am so glad a friend of ours told us to go and see it.
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Five Word Review

By Drez_Digital
Written October 19, 2009
a female's battle through exceptance
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