By Hal_M
Written July 15, 2007
An enticing disaster. Glorious and awful all at the same time. The kind of film that one grows fonder of as they remember it. Its impefections (and there are many) slowly become part of its beauty.
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Must Be Seen to Be Believed

By MoroccoMole
Written June 22, 2007
Mere words cannot capture the utter insanity herein -- you'll just have to see it for yourself.
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By RichardRoss
Written July 18, 2007
Absolutely brilliant in an awful way, or absolutely awful in a brilliant way. An unholy stepchild of Borscht-belt comedy and psychedelia. Parts of it play like an extended episode of late-1960s "Dragnet," if Jack Webb had dropped acid before they shot the show. Impossible to describe but essential viewing for any fan of 1960s/70s film. Carol Channing strips, Jackie Gleason trips, Groucho Marx is God -- there's something for everyone (except, maybe, **** Cheney). And spotting all of the cameos of 2nd tier movie stars is part of the fun.
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crazy, awful, captivating fun

By consumerjdz
Written July 17, 2007
it's nuts but worth seeing if you ever get the chance, which you probably wont.
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