Skid Marks Synopsis
Budget cuts force two ambulance companies' medics to compete over patients and money.
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Funny moive

By mebbsd2007
Well as you can tell by the title of the movie there are plenty of raunchy jokes to go around but none the less this is a pretty funny flick. A movie about EMT's is a new topic for a comedy and they...

Skidmarks the movie

By Rockwood
I saw it and laughed all the way through. The guy on the gurney in the opening scenes set the movie laughter and it kept on comeing. Tom Rockwood, San Diego...

Skid Marks

By JPW2727
Damn funny flick! The best movie since Super Troopers. Great ensemble cast with sexy chix....

One of the funniest movies in a while!

By funkycritic
This movie cracked me up. My friends are still saying lines from this "mosucka." If you are into offbeat, goofy movies that will make you laugh your **** off, then this is definitely worth the...

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