The Dark (1979) (II)
The Crows
The Crucible
The Crucified Lovers
The Cruelest Day
The Cruise
The Crumbles
The Crusades
The Cry
The Cry of the Children
The Cry of the Owl
The Crying Game
The Crying Woman
The Cuckoo
The Cuckoo and the Donkey
The Cuenca Crime
The Culpable
The Cult
The Cunning Little Vixen
The Cup (2000)
The Cup (2012)
The Cure
The Curiosity of Chance
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
The Current
The Curse
The Curse of Downers Grove
The Curse of Frankenstein
The Curse of Micah Rood
The Curse of Sleeping Beauty
The Curse of the Cat People
The Curse of the Jade Scorpion
The Curse of the Werewolf
The Cursed Ones
The Curtain Pole
The Custodian
The Customary Two Weeks
The Cut
The Cutoff Man
The Cutting Edge
The Cyclops
The Cynic, the Rat & the Fist
The D Train (2015)
The Da Vinci Code
The Daisies
The Dark Backward
The Dark Command
The Dam Busters
The Dam Keeper
The Damned
The Damned
The Damned (1969)
The Damned Don't Cry
The Damned Rain
The Damned United
The Dance
The Dance of Reality
The Dance of Two Left Feet
The Dancer
The Dancer and the Thief
The Dancer Chronicles
The Dancer Upstairs
The Dancing Hawk
The Dandelions
The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys
The Dangerous Maid
The Danish Girl
The Danube
The Danube Waves
The Daredevil
The Darjeeling Limited
The Dark
The Dark (1979)
The Dark Corner
The Dark Crystal
The Dark Deer
The Dark Half
The Dark Harbor
The Dark Horse (2016)
The Dark Hours
The Dark Knight
The Dark Knight Rises
The Dark Knight Rises: The IMAX Experience
The Dark Knight: The IMAX Experience
The Dark Mirror
The Dark Past
The Dark Place
The Dark Power
The Dark Sea
The Dark Side of Love
The Dark Side of the Moon
The Dark Side of the Sun
The Dark Stranger
The Dark Valley
The Dark Wind
The Darkening
The Darkening Trail
The Darkest Corner of Paradise
The Darkest Hour
The Darkest Hour 3D
The Darkest Matter
The Darkness
The Darkness (2003)
The Darkroom
The Darwin Awards
The Dash
The Daughter
The Daughter (2013)
The Daughter of Dawn
The Daughter of Juan Simon
The Daughter of Keltoum
The Daughter of the Regiment
The David Dance
The Dawns Here Are Quiet
The Day
The Day a Pig Fell Into the Well
The Day a Pig Fell Into the Well (2003)
The Day After
The Day After Peace
The Day After Tomorrow
The Day He Arrives
The Day I Became A Woman
The Day I Saw Your Heart
The Day I Was Not Born
The Day Is Longer Than the Night
The Day My God Died
The Day of Despair
The Day of the Beast
The Day of the Crows
The Day of the Jackal
The Day of the Locust
The Day of the Triffids
The Day Shall Dawn
The Day the Earth Caught Fire
The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951)
The Day the Earth Stood Still: The IMAX Experience
The Day the World Ended
The Day Time Ended
The Day Will Come
The Days
The Days of Abandonment
The Daytrippers
The Dead (1987)
The Dead (2011)
The Dead 2
The Dead Can't Dance
The Dead Girl
The Dead Inside
The Dead Lands
The Dead Man and Being Happy
The Dead Matter
The Dead Mountaineer's Hotel
The Dead Next Door
The Dead Ones
The Dead Outside
The Dead Room
The Dead Sleep Easy
The Dead Will Rise 2
The Dead Zone
The Dead Zone (1983)
The Deadly Affair
The Deadly Art of Survival
The Deadly Companions
The Deal
The Dealer
The Death I Dreamed Of
The Death of Alice Blue
The Death of Cavalry Captain Pilecki
The Death of Empedocles or When the Green of the Earth Will Glisten for You Anew
The Death of Indie Rock
The Death of Maria Malibran
The Death of Moliere
The Death of Mr. Lazarescu
The Deathless Devil
The Deathmaster
The Deaths of Ian Stone (2007)
The Debt
The Debt (2007)
The Debt (2011)
The Debut
The Decalogue
The Decalogue: Parts I & II
The Decalogue: Parts III & IV
The Decalogue: Parts IX & X
The Decalogue: Parts V & VI
The Decalogue: Parts VII & VIII
The Decameron
The Decay of Fiction
The Decline of the American Empire
The Decline of Western Civilization
The Decline of Western Civilization Part II: The Metal Years
The Decline of Western Civilization Part III
The Decoy Bride
The Deed to Hell
The Deep
The Deep Blue Sea
The Deep End
The Deep End of the Ocean
The Deer Hunter
The Defiance of Good
The Defiant Ones
The Deflowering of Ariella Von
The Deflowering of Eva Van End
The Deity
The Delay
The Delhi Way
The Delicate Art of Parking
The Delightful Forest
The Delinquents
The Delivery Guy
The Delta
The Delta Force
The Deluge
The Demolisher
The Demon's Rook
The Demons
The Demons Among Us
The Den
The Dentist
The Departed
The Deposition
The Depth of Negatives
The Deputy's Love
The Derby Stallion
The Descendant
The Descendants
The Descent
The Descent: Part 2
The Desert
The Desert of Forbidden Art
The Desert of the Tartars
The Desert Song
The Deserted City
The Deserted Station
The Desires
The Desk
The Desperadoes
The Desperate Hours
The Destiny of Lesser Animals
The Details
The Detective
The Device
The Devil
The Devil (1981)
The Devil and Daniel Webster
The Devil and Max Devlin
The Devil and Miss Jones
The Devil and the Deep
The Devil at 4 O'clock
The Devil Bat
The Devil Commands
The Devil Doll
The Devil in Miss Jones
The Devil Inside
The Devil Is a Woman
The Devil Knows His Own
The Devil Made Me Do It
The Devil on Wheels
The Devil Rides Out
The Devil Strikes at Night
The Devil Thumbs a Ride
The Devil Wears Prada
The Devil's Advocate
The Devil's Backbone
The Devil's Brigade
The Devil's Candy
The Devil's Carnival (2012)
The Devil's Claim
The Devil's Cleavage
The Devil's Dolls
The Devil's Dosh
The Devil's Double
The Devil's Eight
The Devil's Envoys
The Devil's Eye
The Devil's Hand
The Devil's Henchman
The Devil's Horn
The Devil's Messenger
The Devil's Mistress
The Devil's Money
The Devil's Nightmare
The Devil's Rain
The Devil's Rejects
The Devil's Sword
The Devil's Tomb
The Devil's Toy
The Devil's Trap
The Devil's Triangle
The Devil's Violinist
The Devil, Probably
The Devil-Ship Pirates
The DeVilles
The Devils