A Aa (2016)
A Bag of Hammers
A Ballerina's Tale
A Battle of Wits
A Bay of Blood
A Bear Named Winnie
A Beautiful Belly
A Beautiful Life (Bu Zai Rang Ni Gu Dan)
A Beautiful Mind
A Beautiful Mind - Club Cinema
A Beautiful Mind - Open Captioned
A Beautiful Now
A Beautiful Planet 3D
A Beginner's Guide to Endings
A Beginner's Guide to Snuff
A Better Life
A Better Tomorrow
A Better Tomorrow (1986)
A Better Tomorrow II
A Better You
A Bigger Splash
A Bill of Divorcement
A Bird of the Air
A Birder's Guide to Everything
A Bit of Bad Luck
A Bitter Pill
A Bittersweet Life
A Blast
A Blind Hero: The Love of Otto Weidt
A Bloody Aria
A Bloody Spear on Mount Fuji
A Blueprint for Murder
A Borrowed Identity
A Borrowed Life
A Bottle in the Gaza Sea
A Bout de Souffle
A Box for Rob
A Boy and His Dog
A Boy Called Dad
A Boy Called H
A Boy in China
A Boy Named Charlie Brown
A Boy, a Girl and a Bike
A Boy, a Girl and a Dog
A Boyfriend for my Wife
A Brand New Life
A Brand New You
A Breakfast Chronicle
A Bride for Brenda
A Bridge Too Far
A Brief History of John Baldessari
A Brief History of Time
A Brief Vacation
A Brighter Summer Day
A Brilliant Young Mind
A Broken Sole
A Bronx Tale
A Bucket of Blood
A Bug and a Bag of Weed
A Bug's Life
A Bullet for Sandoval
A Bullet for the General
A Bunch of Amateurs
A Burning Hot Summer
A Cadeira do Pai
A Call Girl
A cambio de nada
A Canterbury Tale
A Casa de Alice
A Case of Deceit
A Case of You
A Castle in Italy
A Cat in Paris
A Cat in the Brain
A Certain Magical Index: The Movie
A Chair Fit for an Angel
A Chairy Tale
A Charlie Brown Christmas
A Child Is Waiting
A Child of the Ghetto
A Child's Christmas in Texas
A Chinese Ghost Story
A Chinese Ghost Story: The Tsui Hark Animation
A Chinese Odyssey
A Chinese Odyssey II -- Cinderella
A Chorus Line
A Christmas Carol
A Christmas Carol (1984)
A Christmas Carol (1997)
A Christmas Horror Story
A Christmas Proposal
A Christmas Snow
A Christmas Star
A Christmas Story (1983)
A Christmas Story 2
A Christmas Tale
A Christmas to Remember
A Christmas Tree Miracle
A Christmas Without Snow
A Christmoose Story
A Chump at Oxford
A Cinderella Story
A City of Sadness
A City Upon a Hill: The Spirit of American Exceptionalism
A Civil Action
A Clever Dummy
A Clockwork Orange
A Closed Book
A Closer Walk
A Coat of Snow
A Cock and Bull Story
A Coffee in Berlin
A Colombia
A Colt Is My Passport
A Common Man
A Company Man
A Complex Villainelle
A Complicated Story
A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court
A Conspiracy of Faith
A Convenient Truth
A Conversation with Mr. D
A Corner in Wheat
A Couch in New York
A Countess From Hong Kong
A Country Called Home
A Coup in Camelot
A Cowboy's Blood
A Creation Story
A Crime
A Cry In The Dark
A Cube of Sugar
A Damsel in Distress
A Dance for Bethany
A Dandy in Aspic
A Dangerous Method
A Dangerous Woman
A Dark Rome
A Dark Song
A Dark Truth
A Dash Through the Clouds
A Date With Fear
A Date With Judy
A Date with Miss Fortune
A Daughter of the Nile
A Day at the Museum
A Day at the Races
A Day at the White House
A Day in the Country
A Day in the Life
A Day in the Life of Anil Bagchi
A Day in the Life of Willie Faust, or Death on the Installment Plan
A Day Off
A Day Without a Mexican
A Day Without Policemen
A Day's Pleasure
A Decade of Love
A Decent Arrangement
A Decent Man
A Deeper Shade of Blue
A Delicate Balance
A Demon in My View
A Detroit Thing
A Devil's Tail
A Diary of Chuji's Travels
A Different Image
A Different Loyalty
A Different Path
A Difficult Life
A Dirty Shame
A Dirty Story
A Distant Place
A Distant Thunder
A Dog For Christmas
A Dog Named Christmas
A Dog Year
A Dog's Life
A Doggie Holiday
A Doll's House
A Donkey
A Door to the Sky
A Dose of Reality
A Double Life
A Double Tour
A Drama of Jealousy
A Dream of Passion
A Drifting Life
A Dry White Season
A Face Fixed
A Face in the Crowd
A Fall From Grace
A Family