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Find out if Regal Theatres has a movie theater right by you with our all-encompassing list of theaters alphabetized by city. Once you see a local theater, click through to see what's playing, find out movie times, read user and critic reviews, watch trailers, and buy tickets to the show.

(Merced) UA Regency 7
(Merced) Regal Hollywood Merced 13
(Meridian) UA Bonita Lakes 9
(Miami) UA Falls 12
(Miami) Regal Kendall 9
(Miami) Regal Palace 18
(Miami) Regal Kendall Village Stadium 16 IMAX & RPX
(Miami) Regal Southland Mall Stadium 16
(Miami Beach) Regal South Beach Stadium 18 & IMAX
(Middleburg Heights) Regal Middleburg Town Square Stadium 16
(Midland) Regal Tall City Stadium 14 IMAX & RPX
(Midlothian) Regal Commonwealth Center Stadium 20 & IMAX
(Midlothian) Regal Westchester Commons Stadium 16
(Minneapolis) Regal Brooklyn Center Stadium 20
(Mission Viejo) Edwards Kaleidoscope Stadium 10
(Mobile) Regal Mobile Stadium 18
(Modesto) Regal Modesto Stadium 10
(Mohegan Lake) UA Cortlandt Town Center Stadium 11
(Moline) Regal Moline Stadium 14
(Monroe) Regal Frenchtown Square Mall 8
(Monroe) Regal Union Square 8
(Moorestown) Regal Moorestown Mall Stadium 12 & RPX
(Morgantown) Regal Morgantown Stadium 12
(Mount Airy) Regal Mayberry Cinema 5
(Mount Pleasant) Regal Palmetto Grande Stadium 16
(Mt. Juliet) Regal Providence Stadium 14
(N. Hollywood) UA Valley Plaza 6
(Nampa) Edwards Nampa Stadium 14
(Nampa) Edwards Nampa Gateway Stadium 12
(Nanuet) Regal Nanuet Stadium 12 & RPX
(Naples) Regal Hollywood Stadium 20 - Naples
(Nashville) Regal Bellevue Cinema 12
(Nashville) Regal Green Hills Stadium 16
(Nashville) Regal Hollywood Stadium 27 & RPX - Nashville
(Nashville) Regal Opry Mills Stadium 20 IMAX & RPX
(Natchez) UA Natchez Mall 4
(New Albany) Regal New Albany Stadium 16
(New Philadelphia) Regal New Towne Cinema 8
(New Rochelle) Regal New Roc Stadium 18 IMAX & RPX
(New York) Regal E-Walk Stadium 13 & RPX
(New York) Regal Union Square Stadium 14
(New York) UA 64th Street and 2nd Avenue Stadium 3
(New York) Regal Battery Park Stadium 11
(Newark) Regal Peoples Plaza Stadium 17
(Newington) Regal Fox Run Stadium 15 & RPX
(Newnan) Regal Georgian Stadium 14
(Newport Beach) Edwards Big Newport 6
(Newport Beach) Island Cinema
(Newport News) Regal Kiln Creek Stadium 20
(Newtown Square) Regal Edgmont Square 10
(Niagara Falls) Regal Niagara Falls Stadium 12
(Niles) Regal Boulevard Centre Stadium 14
(Nitro) Regal Nitro Stadium 12
(Noblesville) Regal Noblesville Stadium 10
(Norfolk) Regal MacArthur Center Stadium 18 & RPX
(Norman) Regal Spotlight Stadium 14
(North Brunswick) Regal Commerce Center Stadium 18
(North Charleston) Regal Charles Towne Square Stadium 18
(North Falmouth) Regal Nickelodeon 5
(North Las Vegas) Regal Texas Station Stadium 18
(North Las Vegas) Regal Aliante Stadium 16 & IMAX
(North Little Rock) Regal McCain Mall Stadium 12 & RPX
(North Olmsted) Regal Great Northern Mall Stadium 10 & RPX (Ohio)
(O'Fallon) Regal O’Fallon Stadium 14
(Oakland) Regal Jack London Stadium 9
(Oaks) Regal Oaks Stadium 24
(Ocala) Regal Hollywood Stadium 16 & IMAX - Ocala
(Oceanside) Regal Oceanside Stadium 16
(Odessa) Regal Permian Palace Stadium 11
(Oklahoma City) Regal Windsor Hills Cinema 10
(Olympia) Regal Capital Mall 4
(Olympia) Regal Lacey 8 Theatres
(Omaha) Regal Omaha Stadium 16
(Ontario) Edwards Ontario Palace Stadium 22 IMAX & RPX
(Ontario) Edwards Ontario Mountain Village Stadium 14
(Orchard Park) Regal Quaker Crossing Stadium 18
(Oregon City) Regal Hilltop 9 Cinema
(Orlando) Regal Pointe Orlando Stadium 20 & IMAX
(Orlando) Regal Waterford Lakes Stadium 20 & IMAX
(Ormond Beach) Regal Ormond Beach Cinema 12
(Oviedo) Regal Oviedo Mall Stadium 22
(Pago Pago) Regal Nu'uuli Place Twin
(Palm Springs) Regal Palm Springs Stadium 9
(Panama City) Regal Regency Stadium 11
(Pawcatuck) Regal Stonington 10
(Pearl City) Regal Pearl Highlands Stadium 12
(Pembroke Pines) Regal Westfork Stadium 13
(Pennsdale) Regal Williamsport Lycoming Mall 12
(Pensacola) UA University Mall 8
(Philadelphia) UA Riverview Plaza Stadium 17 & RPX
(Philadelphia) UA Grant Plaza 9
(Phillipsburg) Regal Pohatcong 12
(Pinellas Park) Regal Park Place Stadium 16 & RPX
(Placerville) Regal Placerville Stadium 8
(Plantation) Regal Broward Stadium 12 & RPX
(Plattsburgh) Regal Champlain Centre Stadium 8
(Port Charlotte) Regal Town Center Stadium 16 - Port Charlotte
(Port Orange) Regal Port Orange 6
(Port Orange) Regal Pavilion Stadium 14
(Port Orchard) Regal South Sound Cinema 10
(Port Richey) Regal Hollywood 18-Port Richey
(Portland) Regal Division Street Stadium 13
(Portland) Regal Lloyd Center 10 & IMAX
(Portland) Regal Lloyd Mall 8
(Portland) Regal Broadway Metro 4
(Portland) Regal Koin Center 6 Cinemas
(Portland) Regal Pioneer Place Stadium 6
(Portland) Regal Fox Tower Stadium 10
(Poughkeepsie) Regal Galleria Mall Stadium 16
(Poulsbo) Regal Poulsbo Stadium 10
(Princeton) UA Market Fair Stadium 10
(Puyallup) Regal South Hill Cinema 6
(Puyallup) Regal Longston Place Stadium 14
(Quakertown) Regal Richland Crossing Stadium 12
(Queensbury) Regal Aviation Mall 7
(Raleigh) Regal Brier Creek Stadium 14
(Raleigh) Regal North Hills Stadium 14
(Rancho Mirage) Regal Rancho Mirage Stadium 16 & IMAX
(Rancho Palos Verdes) Regal Terrace Cinema 6
(Rancho Santa Margarita) Edwards Rancho Santa Margarita 6
(Redmond) Regal Bella Bottega Stadium 11
(Rensselaer) Regal E. Greenbush 8
(Renton) Regal East Valley Stadium 13
(Renton) Regal The Landing Stadium 14 & RPX
(Richland) Regal Uptown Triplex Theatre
(Richmond) UA West Tower Cinemas 10
(Richmond) Regal Westhampton Cinema 2
(Richmond) Regal Short Pump Stadium 14 & IMAX
(Richmond Heights) Regal Richmond Town Square Stadium 20
(Ridgeland) UA Northpark 14
(Riverside) Edwards Jurupa Stadium 14
(Riverside) Regal Riverside Plaza Stadium 16
(Roanoke) Regal Valley View Grande Stadium 16
(Rochester) Regal Greece Ridge Stadium 12
(Rochester) Regal Henrietta Stadium 18
(Rock Hill) Regal Manchester Stadium 14
(Rockville) Regal Rockville Center Stadium 13
(Rolla) Regal Forum 4
(Rolling Hills Estates) Regal Promenade Stadium 13
(Ronkonkoma) Regal Ronkonkoma Stadium 9
(Roseville) UA Olympus Pointe Stadium 12
(Round Lake Beach) Regal Round Lake Beach Stadium 18
(Royal Palm Beach) Regal Royal Palm Beach Stadium 18 & RPX
(Sacramento) Regal Natomas Marketplace Stadium 16 & RPX
(Sacramento) UA Laguna Village 12
(Sacramento) UA Arden Fair 6
(Saipan) Regal Saipan Megaplex 7
(Salem) Regal Lancaster Mall Stadium 11
(Salem) Regal Movieland 7
(Salem) Regal Santiam Stadium 11
(Salisbury) Regal Salisbury Stadium 16 & RPX
(San Antonio) Regal Cielo Vista Stadium 18 & RPX
(San Antonio) Regal Huebner Oaks Stadium 14 & RPX
(San Antonio) Regal Alamo Quarry Stadium 16
(San Antonio) Regal Northwoods Stadium 14
(San Antonio) Regal Fiesta Stadium 16
(San Bernardino) Regal San Bernardino Stadium 14 & RPX
(San Diego) Edwards Mira Mesa Stadium 18 IMAX & RPX
(San Diego) UA Horton Plaza 8
(San Francisco) UA Vogue 1
(San Francisco) UA Stonestown Twin
(San Jacinto) Regal San Jacinto Metro 12
(San Marcos) Edwards San Marcos Stadium 18
(San Ramon) Regal Crow Canyon Stadium 6
(Sanford) UA Seminole Towne Center 10
(Santa Ana) Edwards South Coast Village 3
(Santa Clarita) Edwards Valencia Stadium 12 & IMAX
(Santa Cruz) Regal Riverfront Stadium 2
(Santa Cruz) Regal Santa Cruz 9
(Santa Fe) UA South 6
(Santa Fe) UA DeVargas Mall Cinema 6
(Santa Fe) Regal Santa Fe Stadium 14
(Santa Maria) Edwards Santa Maria Stadium 14 & RPX
(Santa Maria) Edwards Santa Maria 10
(Sarasota) Regal Hollywood Stadium 20 - Sarasota
(Savannah) Regal Savannah Stadium 10
(Scottsdale) UA Sonora Village 10
(Seattle) Regal Meridian 16
(Seattle) Regal Thornton Place Stadium 14 & IMAX
(Sewell) UA Washington Township 14
(Seymour) Regal Seymour Stadium 8
(Sheffield Village) Regal Cobblestone Square 20
(Shelbyville) Regal Shelbyville Stadium 8
(Sheridan) Regal River Point Stadium 14
(Sherwood) Regal Sherwood Stadium 10
(Silver Spring) Regal Majestic Stadium 20 & IMAX
(Silverdale) Regal Silverdale 4 Theatres
(Simi Valley) Edwards Simi Valley Plaza 10
(Simi Valley) Regal Simi Valley Civic Center Stadium 16 & IMAX
(Simpsonville) Regal Simpsonville Stadium 14 & IMAX
(Skokie) Regal Gardens Stadium 1-6
(Skokie) Regal Gardens 7-13
(Snellville) Regal Snellville Oaks Stadium 14
(Somewhere) R1099
(Somewhere) Regal-Enttek Test Lab 1099
(Somewhere) Regal-Enttek Test Lab 1096
(Sonora) Regal Sonora Stadium 10
(South Gate) Edwards South Gate Stadium 20 & IMAX
(South Plainfield) Regal Hadley Theatre Stadium 16
(Southampton) UA Southampton 4 Theatres
(Spartanburg) Regal Converse Cinemas 6
(Spartanburg) Regal Westgate Mall Cinema 8
(Spartanburg) Regal Spartan Stadium 16
(Spokane) Regal Northtown Mall Stadium 12
(Spokane Valley) Regal Spokane Valley Stadium 12
(Springfield) Regal College Station Stadium 14
(St Augustine) Regal Mall St Augustine 6
(St. Joseph) Regal Hollywood Stadium 10 - St. Joseph
(Stafford) Regal Aquia 10
(Staten Island) UA Hylan Plaza 5
(Staten Island) UA Staten Island Stadium 16 & RPX
(Staunton) Regal Staunton Mall Cinema 6
(Sterling) Regal Countryside Stadium 20
(Stockton) Regal Stockton Holiday Cinema 8
(Stockton) Regal Stockton City Centre Stadium 16 & IMAX
(Stratford) Regal Stratford Stadium 14
(Suffolk) Regal Harbour View Grande 16
(Summerville) Regal Azalea Square Stadium 16 & RPX
(Sunrise) Regal Sawgrass Stadium 23 & IMAX
(Swansea) Regal Swansea Stadium 12
(Syracuse) Regal Destiny USA Stadium 19 IMAX & RPX
(Tallahassee) Regal Governor's Square Stadium 12
(Tampa) Regal Citrus Park Stadium 20
(Tampa) Regal University 16
(Tamuning) Regal Guam Megaplex 14
(Taunton) Regal Silver City Galleria 10
(Teaticket) Regal Falmouth Mall 6
(Temecula) Edwards Temecula Stadium 15 & IMAX
(Temple City) Edwards Temple 4
(Tigard) Regal Bridgeport Village Stadium 18 & IMAX
(Tigard) Regal Tigard 11
(Titusville) CLOSED-UA Searstown Mall 10
(Topeka) Regal West Ridge 8
(Topeka) Regal Hollywood Stadium 14 - Topeka
(Tukwila) Regal Parkway Plaza Stadium 12
(Tullahoma) Regal Tullahoma 8
(Tulsa) Regal Promenade Palace Stadium 12
(Turlock) Regal Turlock Stadium 14
(Turnersville) Regal Cross Keys Stadium 12
(Tustin) Edwards Tustin Market Place 6
(Tyler) Regal Tyler Rose Stadium 14
(Ukiah) Regal Ukiah Stadium 6
(Upper Darby) UA 69th Street 9
(Vancouver) Regal Vancouver Plaza 10
(Vancouver) Regal Cinema 99 Stadium 11
(Vancouver) Regal City Center Stadium 12
(Vancouver) Regal Cascade Stadium 16 IMAX & RPX
(Venice) Regal Venetian 6
(Victor) Regal Eastview Mall 13
(Vienna) Regal Grand Central Mall 12
(Vineland) Regal Cumberland Mall Stadium 14
(Virginia Beach) Regal Strawbridge Marketplace Stadium 12
(Virginia Beach) Regal Pembroke Cinema 8
(Virginia Beach) Regal Columbus Stadium 12
(Visalia) Regal Visalia Sequoia Mall 12
(Visalia) Regal Visalia Stadium 10
(Waco) Regal Jewel Stadium 16
(Walled Lake) UA Commerce Township Stadium 14
(Warrenville) Regal Cantera Stadium 17 & RPX
(Warrington) Regal Warrington Crossing Stadium 22 & IMAX
(Washington) Regal Gallery Place Stadium 14
(Washington) Regal Crown Center Stadium 14
(Waterbury) Regal Brass Mill Stadium 12
(Waterford) Regal Waterford 9
(Watertown) Regal Salmon Run Stadium 12
(West Covina) Edwards West Covina Stadium 18
(Westborough) Regal Westborough Stadium 12
(Westbury) UA Westbury Stadium 12 IMAX & RPX
(Westlake) Regal Crocker Park Stadium 16 & IMAX
(Westminster) Regal Westminster 9
(Wilder) Regal Wilder Stadium 14
(Williamsburg) Regal New Town Stadium 12
(Williamsville) Regal Transit Center Stadium 18 & IMAX
(Willoughby) Regal Willoughby Commons Stadium 16
(Wilmington) Regal Brandywine Town Center 16
(Wilmington) Regal Mayfaire Stadium 16 & IMAX
(Wilson) Regal Wilson Cinema 6
(Wilsonville) Regal Wilsonville Stadium 9
(Winter Park) Regal Winter Park Village Stadium 20
(York) Regal West Manchester Stadium 13
(Youngstown) Regal Austintown Plaza 10
(Youngstown) Regal Cinema South 10