Local Independent Theatres Page 2

See if there are independent theatres with a movie theater close to you with our general list of theaters alphabetized by city. Once you find a local theater, click through to see what's playing, check movie times, read user and critic reviews, watch trailers, and buy tickets to the show.

(Bridgton) The Magic Lantern
(Bridgton) Magic Lantern Movie Theater
(Brigham City) Walker Cinema IV
(Brighton) MJR Brighton Town Square Digital Cinema 20
(Bristol) (Closed) - Twin City Drive-In
(Bristol) Visionary Theatres Bristol Mall
(Bristol) Forestville Theatres
(Brockport) Strand Theatre
(Broken Arrow) Broken Arrow Warren Theatre
(Bronx) (CLOSED) - American Theatre
(Bronx) Concourse Plaza Multiplex
(Bronx) (CLOSED) - Whitestone Multiplex
(Brookfield) Westpoint Cinema
(Brookings) Redwood Cinema
(Brookings) Showcase Cinema 5
(Brookline) Circle Cinemas
(Brookline) Coolidge Corner Theatre
(Brookline) Brookline Public Library
(Brooklyn) Williamsburg Cinemas
(Brooklyn) CLOSED Indie Screen
(Brooklyn) Nitehawk Cinema
(Brooklyn) (Closed) - The Brooklyn Heights Cinemas
(Brooklyn) Kent Theatre
(Brooklyn) Pavilion Park Slope
(Brooklyn) Bay Ridge Alpine Cinemas
(Brooklyn) Cobble Hill Cinema
(Brooklyn) Linden Blvd. Multiplex
(Brooklyn) Bam Rose Cinemas
(Brooklyn) Videology Bar & Cinema
(Brooklyn) Bam Harvey Theater/ Steinberg Screen
(Brooklyn Center) (Closed) - Brookdale 8 Discount Theatre
(Brooks) Landmark Oasis Theatre
(Brookville) Brookville Theatre
(Brookville) (Closed) - Moonlite Drive-In Theatre
(Brossard) Cineplex Brossard
(Broussard) Celebrity Theatres 10
(Brownsville) (CLOSED) Malden Drive-In
(Bruce) (Closed) - Bruce Theatre
(Brunswick) Frontier Cafe + Cinema + Gallery
(Brunswick) Evening Star
(Brunswick) Hickory Ridge Cinemas 8
(Brush) Sands Theatre
(Bryan) Bryan Theatre
(Bryans Road) Indian Head Cinema 5
(Bryn Mawr) Bryn Mawr Film Institute
(Buchanan) Buchanan Theatre
(Buchanan) (Closed) - Buchanan Theatre
(Bucksport) (Closed) - Alamo Theatre
(Bucyrus) Capitol Cinema 5
(Buellton) Parks Plaza
(Buena Vista) (CLOSED) - Valley Cinema
(Buffalo) North Park Theatre
(Buffalo) Buffalo Cinema
(Buffalo) Buffalo Theater
(Buffalo) Uptown Theatre
(Burbank) (CLOSED) Walt Disney Studios Main Theatre
(Burley) Century Cinema 5
(Burlington) Showcase
(Burlington) SilverCity Burlington
(Burlington) (CLOSED) Upper Canada Place
(Burlington) Silver Cinemas Ethan Allen 4
(Burlington) Merrill's Roxy Cinemas
(Burlington) Plaza Theatre 4
(Burlington) Carousel Cinemas at Alamance Crossing
(Burlington) Janus West End 14
(Burnaby) (CLOSED) Dolphin Theatre
(Burnaby) SilverCity Metropolis
(Burnaby) (Closed) - Famous Players Station Square
(Burney) Mt. Burney Theatre
(Burns) Desert Theatre
(Burton) (Closed) - Courtland Center Cinemas
(Burton) Showcase Flint East
(Burton) (CLOSED) Miracle Twin Drive-In
(Burton) Courtland Center
(Butler) Clearview Mall Cinemas
(Butler) Starlight Drive-In
(Buzzards Bay) Buzzards Bay Theater
(Cabot) Cabot Silver Screen 8
(Cadet) (CLOSED) Starlite Drive-In
(Caguas) Las Catalinas
(Cairo) (Closed) - Zebulon Theatre
(Calais) State Cinemas
(Caldwell) Linden 3
(Calexico) Calexico 10 Theatre
(Calgary) (CLOSED) Moviedome
(Calgary) Coliseum
(Calgary) Famous Players Westhills 10
(Calgary) (Closed) - Landmark Globe Cinema
(Calgary) Sunridge Spectrum
(Calgary) SilverCity Country Hills
(Calgary) Eau Claire Market Cinemas
(Calgary) Crowfoot Crossing Cinemas
(Calgary) (CLOSED) The Uptown Stage & Screen
(Calgary) Scotiabank Theatre Chinook
(Calgary) Plaza Theatre
(Calgary) Canyon Meadows
(Calgary) (CLOSED) - Dreamplex Cinemas
(Calgary) (Closed) - HD Digital Dome Theatre at Telus Spark
(Callicoon) Callicoon Theatre
(Calumet City) River Oaks 6
(Camarillo) Roxy Stadium 11
(Camas) Liberty Theater
(Cambridge) GTI Cambridge Cinema 5
(Cambridge) Premier Cinemas Cambridge 4
(Cambridge) Apple Cinemas
(Cambridge) Brattle Theatre
(Cambridge) Harvard Film Archive
(Cambridge) Galaxy @ Cambridge Centre
(Cambridge) UEC Cambridge Premiere Theatre 7
(Cambridge) MIT Film Series
(Camden) Bayview Camden
(Cameron) (CLOSED) - Crossroads Cinema
(Campbell) Camera 7
(Campbell River) Landmark Showcase 5
(Campbell River) (Closed) - Landmark Galaxy Theatre
(Campbellsville) Campbellsville Twin Cinema
(Campbellsville) Green River Cinema 6
(Campbellton) The Paramount
(Camrose) Magic Lantern Duggan Cinemas
(Canadian) Palace Theatre
(Canandaigua) Canandaigua Theatres
(Canby) Canby Cinema 8
(Canon City) Creekside Cinema
(Canon City) Royal Gorge Cinema 2
(Canon City) Royal Gorge 2
(Canon City) Skyline Theatre
(Canton) Canton Palace Theatre
(Canton) Rialto Theatre
(Canton) (Closed) - Reynolds Garden Theatre
(Canton) American Theatre
(Canton) Emagine Canton
(Canyon) (CLOSED) - Varsity Theatre
(Cap-De-La-Madeline) Galeris Du Cap
(Cape Coral) Marquee Coralwood 10 Cinemas
(Cape May) Beach Theatre Foundation, Inc.
(Caraquet) Theatre Bellevue Ltee
(Carbondale) Crystal Theatre
(Carlinville) Marvel Theatre
(Carlisle) Carlisle Theatre
(Carlsbad) Allen Mall Cinema 3
(Carlsbad) UltraStar La Costa 6
(Carlsbad) (Closed) - Fiesta Drive-In 3
(Carlsbad) Moviemax Theatres at Westfield Plaza Camino Real
(Carmel) Carmel Movieplex 8
(Caro) Strand Theatre
(Carolina) CineVista Plaza Carolina
(Carpinteria) Plaza Theatre
(Carroll) Carroll 5 Theatre
(Carrollton) GTC Mall 8 Theatre
(Carrollton) Uptown Theatre
(Carrollton) Venetian Cinemas
(Carrolltown) (Closed) - Hi-Way Drive-In
(Carson City) Carson Stadium Cinemas
(Carson City) (CLOSED) - Carson City Hollywood 10
(Carthage) Carthage Twin Cinema
(Cary) (CLOSED) - Galaxy Cinema
(Cary) The Cary
(Casa Grande) Mall Cinema 6
(Casper) Studio City Digital Cinemas
(Casper) Movies IV $ Saver
(Casper) America Stadium
(Casper) Fox III
(Casper) Rialto Theatre
(Casper) Studio City Mesa + ARQ
(Cass City) Cass Theatre
(Cass Lake) Cass Lake Movie Theatre
(Castle Rock) Mount St. Helens Cinedome Theatre
(Castlegar) Kootenay Centre Cinemas
(Cathedral City) UltraStar Mary Pickford Stadium 14
(Cathedral City) UltraStar Desert Cinema Large Screen Experience
(Catskill) Community Theatre
(Cavalier) Cavalier Cinema
(Cedar Bluff) Broadway Cinema
(Cedar City) Cedar City Twin
(Cedar City) (Closed) - Cedar City - Fiddler
(Cedar City) Historic Cedar Theatre
(Cedar City) Fiddlers 6
(Cedar Grove) Bow Tie Cinemas Cinema 23 Fiveplex
(Cedar Rapids) McLeod/Busse IMAX Dome Theatre
(Cedarburg) Rivoli Theatre
(Celina) (CLOSED) Chakeres Lake Drive-In
(Celina) Chakeres Celina 5
(Center) Rio Theatre
(Centerville) Majestic Theatre
(Centerville) Cinema 4 Theatres
(Centerville) Showcase Cross Pointe 12
(Central City) Cinema 4 Theatres Central City
(Centralia) Olympic Club Theater
(Centre) (Closed) - 411 Twin Drive-In Theatre
(Chadron) The Eagle Theatres
(Chagrin Falls) Chagrin Cinemas
(Chalmette) Silver Cinemas Chalmette 9
(Chalmette) Chalmette Movies
(Champaign) The Art Theater
(Champlin) Mann Champlin Cinema 14
(Chandler) Valley View Cinema 10
(Chandler) Chandler Cinemas
(Chanhassen) Chanhassen Cinema
(Chantilly) Airbus IMAX Theater
(Chanute) Roxy Cinemas 4
(Chanute) Chanute Twin Cinema
(Chapel Hill) Lumina Theatre
(Chapel Hill) Carolina Theatre
(Chapel Hill) Varsity Theatre
(Chapel Hill) Chelsea Theatre
(Chapel Hill) Varsity Theatre
(Chapel Hill) Silverspot Cinema
(Chardon) Mayfield Drive-In
(Charles City) Charles Theatre
(Charleston) American Theater
(Charleston) South Windermere
(Charleston) Park Place Stadium Cinemas
(Charleston) IMAX Theater
(Charleston) Citadel Mall 6
(Charleston) Citadel Mall Stadium 16
(Charleston) (Closed) - Greater Park Circle Film Society
(Charleston) (Closed) - Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art
(Charleston) (CLOSED) Hippodrome Widescreen and Performing Arts
(Charlevoix) Charlevoix Cinema III
(Charlotte) IMAX Theatre at Discovery Place
(Charlotte) Eaton Theaters
(Charlotte) Epicentre Theater 5
(Charlotte) Charlotte Crownpoint
(Charlotte) Ballantyne Village Theatre
(Charlotte) Eastland Mall Cinemas
(Charlotte) Ayrsley Grand 14
(Charlottesville) Vinegar Hill Theatre
(Charlottesville) Jefferson Theater
(Charlottesville) Violet Crown Charlottesville
(Chaska) Chaska Cinema
(Chateauguay) Chateauguay Encore
(Chateauguay) Cine-Parc Chateauguay
(Chateauguay) Carnaval Chateauguay
(Chatham) Chatham Orpheum Theater
(Chatham) Crandell Theatre
(Chatham) Roberts Chatham Cinema
(Chatham) (Closed) - Famous Players Chatham Cinema 6
(Chattanooga) IMAX 3D @ Tennessee Aquarium
(Cheboygan) Bellaire Kingston 5
(Checotah) (CLOSED) Gentry Cinema
(Cheektowaga) (CLOSED) - Movieland 8 Theatres
(Cheektowaga) Buffalo Drive-In Theatre
(Chehalis) Midway Cinema
(Chehalis) Chehalis Theatre
(Chelan) Ruby Theatre
(Cherokee) American Theatre
(Cherokee) Cherokee Phoenix Theatres
(Chesapeake) Cinema Cafe - Greenbrier
(Chesapeake) Cinema Cafe - Edinburgh
(Chester) Elite Cinema 6
(Chester) Bow Tie Cinemas Chester Cinema 6
(Chesterfield) MJR Chesterfield Crossing Digital Cinema 20
(Chestertown) P and G Chester 5 Cinemas
(Chestnut Hill) Showcase SuperLux THE STREET
(Cheswick) Cheswick Quads
(Cheyenne) Capitol City Digital Cinemas
(Cheyenne) Lincoln $ Saver
(Chicago) (CLOSED) Butler Field, Grant Park
(Chicago) New 400 Theaters
(Chicago) (Closed) - The Patio Theatre
(Chicago) (Closed) - The Alliance Francaise
(Chicago) (Closed) - Chicago Cultural Center
(Chicago) (CLOSED) - Carter G. Woodson Regional Library
(Chicago) (Closed) - Chicago Filmmaker
(Chicago) (CLOSED) - LaSalle Bank Cinema
(Chicago) Beverly Arts Center
(Chicago) (Closed) - Doc Films
(Chicago) Navy Pier IMAX
(Chicago) Lincoln Village Theater
(Chicago) Village Burnham Plaza
(Chicago) Logan Theatre
(Chicago) Music Box
(Chicago) Visionary Theatres
(Chicago) Village Art Theatre
(Chicago) Gene Siskel Film Center
(Chicago) 3 Penny Theatre Chicago
(Chicago) Brew & View
(Chicago) Davis Theatre
(Chicago) Omnimax at Museum of Science and Industry
(Chicago) (CLOSED) - DI.C.E. Lawndale Cinemas
(Chicago) I.C.E. 62nd and Western
(Chicago) Facets Cinematheque
(Chicago) ArcLight Chicago
(Chickasha) Valley View Theatre
(Chickasha) Washita Twin
(Chico) Pageant Theatre
(Chico) (Closed) - El Rey Theatre
(Chicoutimi) Odyssee
(Childress) Lone Star Four Theatre
(Chillicothe) B & B Grand 6 - Chillicothe
(Chillicothe) Chillicothe Optimist Town Theatre
(Chillicothe) Cinema 6
(Chillicothe) Bargain Boc Office
(Chillicothe) Danbarry Cinemas Chillicothe
(Chilliwack) (Closed) - Landmark Paramount Theatre
(Chilliwack) Cottonwood 4 Cinemas
(Chilton) Chilton Cinema Café
(Chincoteague) Island Roxy
(Chino) Chino Spectrum Marketplace 12
(Chino) Chino CinemaSaver 12
(Chippewa Falls) Micon Cinemas
(Christiansburg) (Closed) - Starlite Drive-In Christiansbg
(Chula Vista) UltraStar Chula Vista 10
(Chula Vista) Vogue
(Cicero) Cicero 13
(Cincinnati) Danbarry Cinemas Western Hills
(Cincinnati) Danbarry Dollar Saver-Eastgate
(Cincinnati) Parkland Theatre Entertainment Centre
(Cincinnati) Mount Lookout Cinema Grill
(Cincinnati) (Closed) - Robert D. Lindner Omnimax
(Cincinnati) Showcase Cincinnati
(Cincinnati) Kenwood Towne Centre
(Cincinnati) Springdale Cinema De Lux 18
(Cincinnati) Northgate Mall Theatre
(Cincinnati) The Screens at Cincinnati Mall
(Cincinnati) (CLOSED) - Danbarry Dollar Saver Cincinnati Mills
(Cincinnati) Oakley Drive-In
(Cincinnati) Showcase Cincinnati Mills
(Cincinnati) Xscape 14 Northgate
(Circle) Claret Theatre
(Circleville) The Movie House
(City Of Industry) Pacific Vineland Drive-In 4
(Clare) Ideal Theatre
(Claremont) Claremont Cinema Center
(Claremont) Claremont 5
(Claremore) Claremore Cinema 8
(Clarington) Clarington Place
(Clarion) Destinta Theatre Clarion 7
(Clarion) (CLOSED) Clarion Theatre
(Clarksdale) Delta Theatre
(Clarksville) Clarksville 4
(Clayton) (CLOSED) - Luna Theatre
(Clear Lake) Lake Theatre Clear Lake
(Clearfield) Ritz Twin
(Clearlake) Clearlake Stadium Cinema
(Clearwater) (Closed) - Capitol Theater
(Clermont) Epic Theatres of Clermont
(Cleveland) Cleveland UEC Theatres 14
(Cleveland) Capitol Theatre
(Cleveland) Texan Theatre
(Cleveland) Memphis 3 Drive-In
(Cleveland) Tower City 11
(Cleveland) Cleveland Cinema
(Cleveland) Shaker Square Cinemas
(Cleveland) Great Lakes Science Center Omnimax
(Cleveland Heights) Cedar Lee Theatres
(Clewiston) Clewiston Theatre
(Clifton) (Closed) - Allwood Cinema 6
(Clifton) (Closed) - ClifTex Movie Theatre
(Clifton) Allwood Cinemas 6
(Clinton) Missouri 6
(Clinton) Clinton Theatre
(Clinton) Strand Theatre
(Clinton) Gateway Twin Theatres
(Clinton) Clinton Cinema
(Clinton) CEC Clinton Cinema 8
(Clinton) Missouri 6
(Clinton Township) MJR Partridge Creek Digital Cinema 14
(Clio) Clio Cinema
(Cloquet) Premiere Theatres
(Cloverdale) The Clover Theater
(Clovis) Allen Hilltop Twin
(Clovis) Allen North Plains 4
(Clovis) Sierra Vista Cinemas 16
(Coaldale) (Closed) - Angela Triplex
(Coalinga) Coalinga Cinemas
(Coamo) Teatro Hollywood
(Cobleskill) Park Theatre
(Cobourg) Northumberland Mall Cinemas
(Cobourg) Rainbow Cinemas Cobourg
(Cobourg) (Closed) - The Loft at Harden & Huyse Cafe
(Cochrane) Cochrane Movie House
(Cochranton) Iris Theatre
(Coconut Creek) Silverspot Cinema
(Coconut Grove) Blue Starlite Mini Urban Drive-In
(Cody) (CLOSED) Park Drive-In
(Cody) Cody Theatre
(Cody) Big Horn Cinema
(Coffeyville) Coffeyville Cinema
(Colchester) Gallery Cinemas
(Colchester) (Closed) - Sunset Drive-In
(Cold Lake) Grand Square Cinema
(Cold Spring) Quarry Cinema
(Coldwater) (Closed) - Capri Drive-In
(Colfax) Colfax Theatre
(College Park) (Closed) - National Archives
(College Park) (Closed) - Hoff Theatre
(Colleyville) Metro Cinema of Colleyville
(Colleyville) (CLOSED) Colleyville Cinema Grille
(Collingwood) Collingwood Cinema 4
(Coloma) Loma Theatres
(Colorado Springs) Picture Show at Citadel Crossing
(Columbia) Marion Twin Cinema
(Columbia) Marion Theater
(Columbia) Columbia Place $1.50 Stadium Cinemas
(Columbia) Ragtag Cinema
(Columbia) Nickelodeon Theatre
(Columbia) Columbia Drive-In
(Columbia) St. Andrews Cinema 5
(Columbia Falls) (CLOSED) Midway Drive-In
(Columbia Heights) Heights Theatre
(Columbiana) (Closed) - Main Street Theater
(Columbus) Key Cinemas Columbus
(Columbus) Dollar Cinemas-Westland
(Columbus) Plaza Triple
(Columbus) (Closed) - South Drive-In
(Columbus) Cinema City at Marketplace
(Columbus) (Closed) - Wexner Center for the Arts
(Columbus) Dollar Cinemas Brice Mall
(Columbus) YES Cinema
(Columbus) (Closed) - IMAX Theatre at Patriot Park
(Columbus) Kerasotes Columbus Commons Cinema
(Columbus) CEC Center 6
(Columbus) Drexel East
(Columbus) Studio 35 Cinema
(Colusa) Colusa Theatre
(Colville) Alpine Theatre
(Commack) Commack Multiplex
(Commerce) Commerce Cineplex
(Commerce City) 88 Drive-In Theatre
(Concord) EMC Concord 6
(Concord) Red River Theatres
(Concord) Carolina Mall 8
(Concordia) Majestic Theatre
(Concrete) (Closed) - Concrete Theatre
(Conneaut) Conneaut Plaza Theatre
(Conneaut) Conneaut Plaza Theatre
(Connell) Sunset
(Connersville) Showtime Cinemas
(Conroe) Star Cinema Grill 6
(Conway) Cinemark Conway Towne Centre
(Coos Bay) Egyptian Theatre
(Coos Bay) Egyptian
(Copperas Cove) Cinergy Cinemas
(Copperas Cove) Cinergy Cinemas
(Copperas Cove) Cove Theatre
(Coquitlam) SilverCity Coquitlam
(Coquitlam) Famous Players Eagle Ridge
(Coral Gables) Absinthe House Cinematheque
(Coral Gables) Trail Theatre
(Coral Gables) Bill Cosford Cinema
(Coral Gables) Coral Gables Art Cinema
(Coram) Movieland of Coram
(Corbin) Tri County Cineplex
(Cordele) Spotlight Theatres Cordele Square Stadium 5
(Cordell) (CLOSED) - Washita Theatre
(Cornelius) Cornelius 9 Cinemas
(Cornelius) (Closed) - Studio-C Cinema
(Cornell) Cornell Theatre
(Cornerbrook) Empire Millbrook Cinemas
(Corning) Rodger's Theatre
(Corning) Palace Theatre
(Corning) American Theatre
(Cornwall) Galaxy Cinemas @ Cornwell
(Corolla) Corolla Movie and Bistro
(Corona) (Closed) - Queen City Plaza I & II
(Corona) (CLOSED) - Phoenix Big Cinemas
(Corona del Mar) Port Theater
(Coronado) Vintage Village Theatres
(Corpus Christi) Movies Inc
(Corpus Christi) Silver Cinemas Five Points
(Corsicana) Movie Bowl Grille - Corsicana
(Cortez) Allen Fiesta Theatre
(Cortland) Cortland Plaza Theater
(Cortland) Plaza 6 Cinemas
(Corvallis) Darkside Cinema
(Corvallis) Avalon Cinema Corvallis
(Corydon) Corydon Cinemas
(Coshocton) Hollywood Studio Theatres
(Coshocton) Shelby Theatres
(Cote-St-Luc) Cavendish Mall
(Cottage Grove) (CLOSED) - Mann Cottage View Drive-In
(Cottonwood) Cottonwood Cinema
(Coulee Dam) Village Cinema
(Council Bluffs) Council Bluffs Drive-In
(Council Bluffs) Omni 4 Theatres
(Courtenay) Landmark Rialto Theatre
(Courtenay) Criterion Palace Theatre
(Courtenay) Criterion Twin Theatres
(Covington) Holiday Square IMAX Cinema
(Covington) Holiday Square Cinema 12 IMAX
(Covington) Covington Movies 3
(Coxsackie) (Closed) - Hi Way Drive-In
(Cozad) Rialto Theatre
(Craig) West 2 Theatres
(Cranberry) (CLOSED) The Movies at Cranberry
(Cranberry Township) Cranberry Cinemas
(Cranbrook) Landmark Columbia Theatre
(Crescent City) Crescent City Cinema
(Crescent City) Red's Showcase Twin Cinemas
(Crested Butte) Majestic 3 Theatres
(Creston) Strand Theatre
(Crestview) Crestview III Theatre
(Crestview) (CLOSED) - Movies and More
(Crete) Isis Theatre
(Crookston) Grand Theatre
(Crossville) Rocky Top 10 Cinema
(Crowley) Crowley Cinema IV
(Crown Point) Crown Theatre
(Culver City) Culver Plaza Theatres