Important movie to see.

By ebaync
Written July 01, 2016
If you only knew how real this was ,,, and took a little time to do reasearch on your own, you would understand that what dr Greer is doing is probably the most important reasearch of our times. I have seen alien crafts my whole life and the secret government knows that too. Truth is stranger than fiction. Go see it and open your eyes.
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Very badly put together, in general a terrible film..

By 22680
Written January 31, 2015
I had viewed most of the other material producted by Dr. Greer's organization. All of his prior material consisted of interviews and testimonials of individuals who had direct contact with related events, they were eye witnesses or were involved with related government projects. All of the material was very interesting, credible, and well put together. Because of the quality of Dr. Greer's prior material, I was very interested in seeing the SIRIUS film. I purchased a copy of the movie on DVD from the official website. To my surprise, the movie had many problems with it, starting with the quality of the manufacturing of the DVD itself. The sound was frequently out of sync with the picture and I could not turn off the subtitles. However, those issues were minor in comparison to the content of the movie itself. The story was very disconnected, it did not flow or seem to be cohesive in any way. I expected the film to be a compilation of testimonials and related evidence.
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By rigpa44
Written April 24, 2013
Watched Sirius last night. No matter how sceptical one might be, there are parts of this movie that are deeply thought-provoking, and worth seeing. Seeing is believing and what's shown is more credible than anything that's been previously put together. They are trying desperately to take the "crack-pot" element out of the UFO picture as much as possible. You can't have hundreds if not thousands of people who have seen aliien objects in the sky, and fall back into supefying denial. Let's get the government to come clean on this. What do they know, and who's paying for what? The "creature" they examined, whatever it is, was impressive. I say let's keep an open mind, keep looking, keep digging, and see what we come up with. I applaud Greer for being so persistent in his search for truth. See this movie. Keep an open mind while watching. Reserve judgment, and then know that we don't really know what it is we're looking at and examining so how can we judge it as such?
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By carinag2231
Written May 31, 2013
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