Sirius Synopsis
Filmmaker Amardeep Kaleka examines the life and work of Dr. Stephen Greer.

Movie Reviews

Important movie to see.

By ebaync
If you only knew how real this was ,,, and took a little time to do reasearch on your own, you would understand that what dr Greer is doing is probably the most important reasearch of our times. I...

Very badly put together, in general a terrible film..

By 22680
I had viewed most of the other material producted by Dr. Greer's organization. All of his prior material consisted of interviews and testimonials of individuals who had direct contact with related...


By rigpa44
Watched Sirius last night. No matter how sceptical one might be, there are parts of this movie that are deeply thought-provoking, and worth seeing. Seeing is believing and what's shown is more...

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By carinag2231
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