By hemlock666
Written September 17, 2014
if you loved The Ring, you'll love this. A very smart film that disturbs you to the core in a more subtle way. Not sure how this was fun! Time to stay awake until dawn!
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Cliched and predictable - Rent it instead

By shalimar24
Written February 27, 2015
Sinister isn't a bad movie, but its not good either. I've watched a lot of horror movies over the years so maybe I'm just desensitized, but Woman in Black is a MUCH better film with similar themes. I didn't even think Sinister was scary. I was expecting a lot more suspense, but it actually had quite a few parts that I thought were boring and irrelevant. I kept thinking something would pop out, but most of the time nothing happened. If you do see it expect to roll your eyes frequently at the complete and utter stupidity of the main character. Instead of grabbing a baseball bat and running around the house in the dark, why not consider a light switch instead? If you've watched a lot of horror movies then this won't be anything special to you. But if you are very sensitive (see: easily bothered) or you thought that Paranormal Activity was great and terrifying- then you'll probably like this. Otherwise I'd say rent it and save $10.
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A refreshing look at the Boogie Man

By adamschleman
Written May 24, 2015
While I'm not a a fanatic of horror films, I did enjoy this one. The film makers do a great job of using wide angles and camera movement to keep you on your toes and to cloak the predictability of the scares. You will find yourself equally disappointed by the scare value in some scenes as you are rewarded in others. They manipulate the timing and sound very well to supplement the great camera and edit work. Good scare value in this film. The story is a rehashing of the Boogie Man folklore but it takes awhile for that story to materialize. I would say overall: It's above average for a scare flick. Mixes in a little bit of the disturb-factor and you get a decent Halloween movie. One note to be made: Mr. Ransone (the deputy) does a great job stealing scenes from Hawke. His chops as a comical actor were superb. Timing was great.
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By rachelgoesmeow
Written December 21, 2014
I was holding my moms arm so tight throughout the entire thing. It was scary, and had a lot of moments that make you jump. Some graphics could have been better, and I feel like they could have shown the scary guy more. But it did scare me! I say go see it, the best scary movie out at the moment
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It's Better if you didn't see the Trailer.

By LebenOjanen
Written April 25, 2015
This movie would have been tons better if I hadn't seen the trailer before I sat down in the theater. What little 'surprise' the movie had left was ruined by the plot being so damn transparent. Save this for a rental/download/etc. It's not worth the theater time unless you just had free tickets like I did.
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