Sinister Review

By msindepblkwmn
Written October 16, 2012
For this movie to be rated R, I thought it would be more scarier, although it had bloody scenes. It wasn't scary at all. I guess from the previews I was hoping it was scary and gory. The movie was ok, it had me tuned in but I wish the crime scenes were played out etc.
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eery little flick

By slthomas1
Written October 15, 2012
This movie has gotten a lot of so-so ratings from viewers. I can't understand why. I'm a horror movie buff, and this little flick was quite enjoyable. However, I don't watch horror movies in an attempt to find the oscar nods it may contain. If you do, you can pick this movie apart, and you should be a fan of another genre anyway. This gem was more eery than scary to me, but it was still one of the better horror flicks I've seen in quite some time. I think it's worth the time if you watch it as a fan, not a wanna-be critic.
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Ghoulishly Gruesome Yet Surprisingly Mundane.

By Alon Patterson
Written October 14, 2012
This one's for the bloodthirsty with short attention spans. There's nothing especially difficult to figure out in the plot, neither is anything missed should one jump up, run out to the popcorn stand, make a phone call, check their FB status, plan a holiday, review career choices and take a nap before returning. It would be fair to say this viewer didn't especially enjoy this particular film, not necessarily attributable to the genre. Yes, yes, dozens of people worked countless hours, spending millions of dollars, all to bring us this 1hr&30min of delight. Sadly, it wasn't money well spent. You might want to wait for this on cable or DVD, or even stream. One thing's for certain, this isn't a date movie. In fact, you're likely to feel like you need a shower when it's over. It's that nasty sort of not so entertaining horror for hard core sick people. You were warned.
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Great sound design and creepy concept combine to provide some solid chills

By elemperador
Written October 14, 2012
Acting was reasonably sold. The fiction mythology is reasonably presented and works for the film. The sound design was excellent combining a chilling score with well directed sound fields (sounds come from various directions, including above). Some may not like the pacing (this is more of a slow boil with spikes of tension separated by exposition building to a climax, rather than non-stop tension), but it felt appropriate to me. The movie has some good jump sequences and suspenseful moments, but is never gory. I would recommend this film if you like creepy suspense.
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Epically Frightening!!

By Swirv02
Written October 12, 2012
I honestly have not been this frightened since I was a kid watching Nightmare on Elm Street.... Such a well put together Horror film which is so very hard to come by these days. Extremely creepy, scary, and frightening and soooo worth it!
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