By jokernpeant
Written June 25, 2017
Me and my hubby went to see this movie, it took a little while to get to the dramatic and scary parts but when it did O.M.G. i couldn't stop covering my eyes!! It was a great movie, the theatre was packed and even though most of the men wont admit it, they were jumping in thier seats as much as the ladies ; ) . I definantly recommend this movie especially being this close to halloween it's a must see!
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If your not a fan of being scared...dont go..because Sinister WILL MAKE YOU JUMP OUT OF UR SEAT!!!

By VanMan99
Written February 28, 2017
If its true u loose yrs of life after a sudden scare then I'm 10 yrs older now, lol. My wife and I love horror films and not the cheesy, unrealistic sort either. We give most Horror flicks a chance but in the end we usually go a long time before finding the next freak show that makes us sleep with the light on - Lets face it, scary is demonology / religious dark sides, true witching, deep sleep mind games, ancient world wide urban legends of shifty ghouls and pagan deity's! In the end its always up to the movie makers,actors,camera angles,cinematography,lighting, location etc to make it believable. This is no exorcist or home movie style P-Activity, but its still believable. The plot has good momentum with well placed "surprises" as it maintains its very dark and twisted setting. The best parts are when the camera shot darkens, the sound fades to nothing as you struggle to hear and see, audience is right on the edge of suspense, then...HELLO!! A great & unpredictable movie, go see it!
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eery little flick

By slthomas1
Written April 29, 2017
This movie has gotten a lot of so-so ratings from viewers. I can't understand why. I'm a horror movie buff, and this little flick was quite enjoyable. However, I don't watch horror movies in an attempt to find the oscar nods it may contain. If you do, you can pick this movie apart, and you should be a fan of another genre anyway. This gem was more eery than scary to me, but it was still one of the better horror flicks I've seen in quite some time. I think it's worth the time if you watch it as a fan, not a wanna-be critic.
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Excellent horror flick!

By peanut1181
Written January 17, 2017
I highly recommend seeing this flick. It kept me on the edge of my seat for the majority of the film. It has just the right amount of genuine, slow-building creepitude (yes, I said creeipitude!) mixed with cheap, jump-out-of-your-seat scares. It also has a well constructed plot, complete with a backstory and real explanations and motivations for why the characters do what they do, which seems to be a rarity in horror films these days. My buddies and I get out to see the latest promising horror flick every few months and this is the only one in the last few years that we can all agree was completely worth it. Go see it. You won't be disappointed, but you will be scared.
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Sinister Review

By msindepblkwmn
Written December 06, 2016
For this movie to be rated R, I thought it would be more scarier, although it had bloody scenes. It wasn't scary at all. I guess from the previews I was hoping it was scary and gory. The movie was ok, it had me tuned in but I wish the crime scenes were played out etc.
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