Do NOT waste your money!

By usafaco13
Written December 06, 2016
I actually created an account with fandango just to write this review. It was JUST like EVERY other "Scary" movie made in the last 5 years. to sum it up without spoiling the movie: wife: "let's leave the house" husband: "no let's stay until we literally get to the point where people are getting hurt" there were many holes in the plot that didn't make the movie flow well. I'm tired of seeing scary movies where the decisions are just so unrealistic. I understand if one scary event is happening and one is in a state of panic and isn't thinking clearly, but to go back and do it all over the next day is insanity. It's like going down a dark alley at night, then getting threatened that if you return you will get beat up or killed, why the hell would you go back to the same alley the very next night at the exact same time, especially without backup! I hate that in these movies NO ONE EVER CALLS THE COPS! i'll stop ranting. You've been warned
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Taylor was scared

By tbarth6
Written September 03, 2015
Not a average scary movie is the best way to describe Sinister. The movie had great sound choices that always kept you on the edge. Even though the movie is very revealing when it is time to shut your eyes it still had everyone shuttering. Throughout the movie secrecy of the ominous demon was mind blowing. The story line was very easy to follow and made sense. I think that Sinister was one of my favorite scary movies of all time because it not only kept me cringing every time Ethan Hawke stepped in his office but almost throughout the entire film. Showing how each person is their own demon creates a horrid image in everyones mind that tied the movie together as a whole.
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By _bekbek_
Written February 14, 2016
I was in the mood for something scary and went and seen the premier last night... definitely NOT worth it. Yes I'll give it the creepy suspenseful music factor, and the typical something-jumps-out-at-you scenes.. but the main ghost guy looks like a cheesy haunted house mask once you really see it. The "scary" ghost children look like trick-or-treaters. The little girl Ashley and the other children's acting actually made me laugh, horribly forced and plain.. about the only thing that was decent was Ethan Hawke. There are a few pretty good gruesome scenes that probably gave it the R rating, but it really seems like a movie aimed to scare young teenagers. Save your money, wait for something scarier to come out.
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Riddlingly Awesome!

By enigmatic_strangeways
Written August 26, 2016
OH MUH GAH! I love this movie!!! Saw it this afternoon! It's not like most movies today that rely on the gore factor. Just when it gets to a part where guts are expected to fly it cuts away leaving it all to the imagination of the viewer. Subtle things give the tendency to send the viewer on a wild goose chase when it comes to figuring out where the missing kids went and who killed the families. Plenty of things to make you jump and even a few places to give you a giggle. Eventually I figured it out, but can you?
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Very "meh"

By sunshinii
Written August 26, 2016
If you're at all a fan of horror movies, you'll be bored by this one. All the scary moments are either already in the trailer or in one of the short super 8 film clips Ethan Hawke's character finds. (I will, however, give mad props for the lawnmower scene. That was pretty good) However, the rest of the movie pans out ultra predictably. Creepy kids? Check. Loud noises? Check. Unshakeable evil? Check. We saw the "twist" coming a mile away. I started fighting sleep the last 20 minutes of the movie. The ending was rather anticlimatic. It has a lot of potential (Again, the lawnmower scene and super 8 films were unsettling) but it just doesn't live up to the hype. Horror movie buffs will be frightfully bored, but some teenage girls in our theater seemed to enjoy it. So, if you're a teenager, go see this movie. You might be able to scare your friends. Otherwise, save yourself the money.
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