Do NOT waste your money!

By usafaco13
Written March 01, 2015
I actually created an account with fandango just to write this review. It was JUST like EVERY other "Scary" movie made in the last 5 years. to sum it up without spoiling the movie: wife: "let's leave the house" husband: "no let's stay until we literally get to the point where people are getting hurt" there were many holes in the plot that didn't make the movie flow well. I'm tired of seeing scary movies where the decisions are just so unrealistic. I understand if one scary event is happening and one is in a state of panic and isn't thinking clearly, but to go back and do it all over the next day is insanity. It's like going down a dark alley at night, then getting threatened that if you return you will get beat up or killed, why the hell would you go back to the same alley the very next night at the exact same time, especially without backup! I hate that in these movies NO ONE EVER CALLS THE COPS! i'll stop ranting. You've been warned
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Surprisingly Sinister

By citrouille
Written January 27, 2015
While Sinister doesn't do much in the innovation department and it's no Oscar hopeful, it certainly does its best to do what it's supposed to do: horrify. There are several typical scream-worthy moments which are mostly products of loud noises and the like, but it's the story and overarching mood of the film are inherently creepy and unsettling. The twists are pretty solid, as is Ethan Hawke's performance, and in true horror style, the score does a lot of the work to establish the sinisterness of the film. Personally, I see horror films to be scared and Sinister does this more effectively than anything of the same calibre that I've seen recently. It's not genre-defining, nor terrifying, but it didn't try too hard and it definitely had my skin crawling. If you're a fan of horror and looking for something satisfyingly scary and genuinely entertaining, I'd recommend Sinister.
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By salako
Written January 31, 2015
Movie had a perfect balance beween horror and storyline.Absent from most recent horror movies.Usually 95% would be spent on Gore and 5% story building.
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Loved It!!

By jladrae
Written October 01, 2014
This movie was the business! It seems like a cheesy idea for a cary movie but the murders and creativity got me, so did the music and the plot. The ending was great too!
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Very Disturbing

By rileylphilipps
Written November 28, 2014
Sinister was a very good movie to me as I was watching it. There was a few times I had to look away because the very disturbing scenes to me. When I got home all I could think about was these few scenes that played over and over and over throughout the movie and it really bothered me. Some of the clips you watch seem almost too real and I couldn't help but be bothered and disturbed by it.
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