Wow! Good! Scary!

By dannypants
Written October 14, 2012
Most "horror" movies make me yawn. I felt actual chills with this one! And nice twist ending! Very spooky and creepy. I highly recommend this one. DON'T take the kids or they'll have nightmares for WEEKS!
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Not So Sinister After All

By ninazudjinn
Written October 20, 2012
This movie was like a candy necklace - only with demons in place of the candy. It was like demonic bits of gruesome and interesting strung together with cheap weakness. The family films that the protagonist views near the beginning of the film are absolutely awful and very hard to watch, but also very interesting. The home videos start you on the path of wondering how this movie is going to turn out. Next in line are some throw away scenes. Then back to the heart of the story, the investigation, the beginnings of a pattern. Next - predictable fluff. That's basically the formula for the movie. It seems to have started out very high-brow and well intentioned, and the core story is truly fascinating. But somewhere along the process of actually producing the movie, the creators seem to have lost their endurance. The result is a film that is not scary at all, but is instead a strange collage of both promise and awkwardness. You may just want to skip this one.
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By salako
Written September 02, 2014
Movie had a perfect balance beween horror and storyline.Absent from most recent horror movies.Usually 95% would be spent on Gore and 5% story building.
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Sinister review

By wordplay31
Written December 04, 2013
I bought this movie and the cashier told me how scary it was and how it was such an awesome movie...I watched this movie at night, by myself, in total darkness with the volume LOUD and honestly....very disappointing. Slow to get started and I jumped only twice- I wouldn't waste your money on it. Didn't live up to the hype at all!
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By _bekbek_
Written August 28, 2014
I was in the mood for something scary and went and seen the premier last night... definitely NOT worth it. Yes I'll give it the creepy suspenseful music factor, and the typical something-jumps-out-at-you scenes.. but the main ghost guy looks like a cheesy haunted house mask once you really see it. The "scary" ghost children look like trick-or-treaters. The little girl Ashley and the other children's acting actually made me laugh, horribly forced and plain.. about the only thing that was decent was Ethan Hawke. There are a few pretty good gruesome scenes that probably gave it the R rating, but it really seems like a movie aimed to scare young teenagers. Save your money, wait for something scarier to come out.
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