Sinister ... a tad better then what weve had lately for horror

By Darkola
Written April 26, 2015
I've read alot of reviews for this movie, talking about the scares throughout, and as I did jump a few times, the scares are more of the surprise scares, noises mostly, and to be honest, most of them occur within about 10 minutes of each other. I did like the idea of the movie, with the films in the attic of previous murders and whats in them films, the acting was par, nothing really over the top, but it wasnt bad either. There are parts of this movie that dont make sense to me, especially with the son, as when you realise what the movie deals with, it really had nothing to do with why the son acting the way he did in a few of the scenes. They could have also done with a little less of the argueing between husband and wife throughout the movie, there didnt need to be that much of it just to make the film longer .. or whatever purpose it was suppose to serve. As I did like the originality of the story, and a few of the ideas in it, I'd give this 2 1/2 stars out of 4 ... enjoy :)
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I usually don't get scared and this one makes you jump.

By Sabres24
Written April 27, 2015
Very good movie, not one of those short normal horror flicks where everyone dies and it just ends. Really freaky movie and I wouldn't suggest sleeping alone after watching it. Id rate it 8/10! I would see it again.
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Better than expected!

By raginggemini7
Written April 30, 2016
I was pleased that there was actually a story. Most horror movies lack that. Plenty of startling moments to keep your heart rate up. My Mom & I see nearly every horror/suspense movie and we both liked this one.
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Loved it!

By Kathleen150
Written July 31, 2015
This movie is nothing that you expect it to be! It had me jumping out of my seat at times and has an unexpected ending! If you like a good thriller/horror like I do i recommend seeing this!
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Dark and Jumpy

By ShortieSally
Written February 08, 2016
Sinister is one of those movies that make you wonder "how can somebody come up with such disturbing ways to kill somebody?" in almost a Saw kind of way. It is less of a gore-fest than Saw would be, and more of a jumpy-horror movie like I was hoping for. I am a horror movie fan and this was definitely a good watch. I've read some harsh comments about the acting, but I remember being impressed by the acting when watching this movie, of course not on the kids' part as much (but hey- they're kids). The ending kind of irritated me I guess because it seemed like an easy way out, but I guess it was reasonable and the film would've been too long if they didn't end it in that sort of manner. Either way I still recommend you go see it in theaters because everybody knows horror movies are scarier in theaters, and it's a good watch! Enjoy. PS Buy nachos they're the bomb.
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