• Released
  • August 15, 2014
  • (Limited, Hindi with English subtitles)
  • Action/Adventure
Singham Returns Synopsis
Our honest, diligent and honored Inspector, now DCP Bajirao Singham who has always fought against injustice and prejudice using his own ethics and principles is back in the system with some new Adversities and Challenges.

Movie Reviews

Even better than the first! (& I loved the first!)

By movielvr105
In spite of the concept of the movie being the same, it had me entertained the whole time. There were moments where I even felt like being rowdy like those other obnoxious fans but I controlled...

Singham is BACK!

By chiraagbhadana
I really liked the message and story behind singham. The plot was far better in addition to the usual singham antics - "Aata Majhi Satakli!" Kareena Kapoor also acted really well in the little screen...

Great movie!

By yaboyshaun
Rohit Shetty lives up to the expectations with Singham Returns! Awesome...

Good watch

By kumarabhishek03
Nice movie. Whoever liked Singham will like Singham Returns....

Brainless watch

By bhanikshah
Complete non sense typical Rohit Shetty movie but with 100% entertainment. If you are the serious movie watcher than this is not for you but if you enjoy movies for the entertainment value and are a...

Great movie!

By mariame1234

Worst movie from Rohit Shetty

By anupks
Worst movie from Rohit Shetty...

must see

By virajg26

good entertainment

By romfm
good entertainment...

Singham Returns is intense and Entertaining

By sanindore
Singham Returns with its two main heroes - Rohit Shetty (the director) and Ajay Devgon fully lives up to the expectations and it was quite evident from the heavy applauds at the end of movie in the...