Sinbad The Fifth Voyage Synopsis
Sinbad is tasked with saving the sultan's first born from an evil sorcerer.
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Sinbad is back!

By jb191
I have been waiting for this movie for a while, and needless to say, was anticipating it to be an instant classic, and guess what?? IT WAS! The whole look and feel of this movie is a classic. I would...

Must see

By ss697
Classic Harryhausen style vintage film making... take the kids. They must see this!...

Enjoyed it!!!

By hbqte
Made me feel like a kid again watching an old Harryhausen movie. Would recommend it....

By disney113
Cartoons is better then this......

Appallingly bad...

By HarvDog
I could only sit thru about 10 minutes of this movie, and even then I felt like I was watching an episode of Mystery Science Theatre 3000. Actually, MST3K would've been preferable to sitting through...

Love the story

By jessesmith494
Glad to see this come back:) loved the visuals. Two and half thumbs up....

Don't miss this!

By brad_gray
My family and I were fortunate enough to get to experience this movie in theaters. We loved the costumes the most, very authentic... It is most definitely a must see!...

Wow see this

By falatoon
Took my mom and dad, they were thrilled to see the Cyclops smash the crab monster. This is the best sinbad movie in a while!...

Wait for the DVD

By wredic
We thought the Harryhousen effects would be fun to watch but the whole thing was bad. The actors were bad and the constant flash backs were without warning, sequence or sense. Don't waste Good money...

What was that?

By joelambertson
Bad script, bad special effects, weak story and lousy acting. I walked out after a half hour....

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