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A very witty funny performance

By pmcorby
Written September 27, 2014
I was laughing so much my eyes were watering. Tackling tough subjects like racism and "stand your ground" with humor can be touch & go but Sinbad nailed it! Would highly recommend!
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Good stuff!

By burks90
Written February 01, 2015
Although I did not like the intro skit with Memphis Red (or whatever he is called), the music and the comedy concert were well-done. Sinbad's performance was masterful and nuanced. He's capable of delivering his comedy as written as well as improvising based on his interactions with his audience. Some may criticize his blending on music and comedy. I say, keep evolving, Sinbad...and release this on DVD soon.
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By BlockBuster89
Written February 02, 2015
Great Show Sinbad, my wife and I had a great night out...I like the fact that he addressed serious issues and he was able to articulate racism through out all cultures. Thanks for bringing awareness to our society about how we interact with each other. Great for teenagers too.
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Sinbad Make Me Wanna Holla

By mishyd23
Written August 26, 2013
Hilarious! Sinbad at his BEST! I laughed the Entire time! It was wonderful laughing, having a great evening, all WITHOUT vulgar language! SInbad is in my opinion the best comedian out there today! GREAT entertainment for the entire family! When will the DVD be available?????
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Loved Sinbad

By pjohn922
Written September 17, 2014
Loved the show, wished there were more show time options, but he was definitely worth the money. Sinbad is always laugh out loud funny.
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