Simon and the Oaks Synopsis
Simon and Isak's families become intertwined in unexpected ways as war wages across Europe.
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Gripping Swedish family drama unfolds around the time of WWII

By pedsarq
This is a different kind of WW II movie that focuses on family life in the Swedish countryside around the time of the war. It's a movie about forbidden love and the love a parent shows to children...

A Most Unusual Family Drama.

By Al P
Just when you think you've seen every possible formula for the "family angst" film genre, along comes something new. Thought provoking isn't the way one would usually describe a film of this subject...

"Simon and the Oaks"

By Let's Talk Off-Broadway
This is a terrific movie that I think hasn't been well understood. It's a rich family saga with REAL characters, iit takes up important ideas, it's beautifully acted and directed, and completely...

By itz
Beautiful and amazing character development. Full of very complex emotions. A terrific movie....

Simon gets in touch with his Oak Tree

By Premier Advisor

By milou10044
What a slow boiling soap opera!...