• Released
  • September 30, 2016
  • (Limited; Los Angeles 9/30, Florida 10/7, Palm Springs 10/14, Orange County 10/21, Arizona 10/28)
  • NR , 1 hr 36 min
  • Comedy
Silver Skies Synopsis
A group of eccentric tenants' lives are turned upside down when their beloved apartment complex is suddenly sold out from under them.
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Movie Reviews

Needs to be rated!!

By jeanmariesikora
This movie was quite a disappointment . It should be rated X for pornography!...

Silver Skies

By rickdemetriou
A great cast was ruined by gross scenes and gross language. It could have been introspective but was not because of the shock scenes....

Outstanding!!! A +++

By wylliewill
A Must see movie about how people at the latter stages of life are treated and how they come together as people! It applies to all ages as we're all getting there! I found the story to have many...

Interesting & Real

By gkaukonen
Although we expected a comedy, the film was not exactly that. It did have some funny parts, but it was more of a realistic look at growing older in a senior community. The acting was so good that it...

Amazing!! Silver Skies

By elschmeck
This film was a joy to watch! The story was so honest and brought to life senior characters we don't get to see on screen often. The cast is amazing! Their performances were fantastic and made the...


By Debw0204
Really ridiculous Tarentino-type scenes in a movie about senior citizens and the problems they face in today's society. This movie could have been a hit but was ruined by a sick character and...

Silver Skies the movie

By bonbon104201600
A Must See Movie!!!! Heartwarming &Funny and Truthful!!! This movie has incredible actors and a very moving story. An inspiring story that no one is ever to old !!!! Absolutely LOVED this...

Silver skies

By Mdutkin
Although it was nice seeing all the stars come together for this performance and it was a cute movie, it was slow and predictable. It'll hit home for a lot of the audience it generates....

silver skies

By barbiedol52
The film was OK. A 2 1/2 star rating in my opinion. Acting was good. Definitely not appropriate for kids based on the sexual content. A little too much emphasis on sex. A film about the...

Silver Skies

By glenn10112016130
No matter what your age you will enjoy this movie. It is what movies should be. Big studios should pay attention to scripts with a story not just T&A and car chases. Congratulations to everyone...

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Rated NR