Head Shaker - Uneven

Written August 22, 2014
Movie started out strong with a realistic portrayal of (severe) mental illness and its effects on family and friends, great writing, direction, and spot-on performances by Cooper and Lawrence. First 2/3 of the movie was well done and drew you in, enough to make you uncomfortable during certain scenes [excellent] . But then..........somebody apparently decided it was too serious and changed the direction of the movie into a farce rom-com. ??? It went from an emotionally acurate account of two people with almost insurmountable bi-polar, depression, and anxiety issues to........ a dance competition to save dad's restaurant. Seriously. And Coopers character's bi-polar and manic issues magically disappeared without benefit of medication, therapy, or intervention. Who knocked it out of the park in this movie? Jennifer Lawrence nailed it, due to her tremendous acting range and the fact that her character was written consistantly from beginning to end.
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Silver Linings Playbook

By missy10
Written November 25, 2012
Definitely one of the best movies of the year. Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper are so terrific in this and the supporting cast is great. Definitely a cast which will be nominated for Academy Awards this year. Also this is the best performance I have seen Robert DeNiro give in a long time. If you like football, screwups, and love you will love this move
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An unconventional love story

By nreavey
Written November 25, 2012
Beautiful writing, superb screenplay, fabulous acting and actors. This film holds your attention the whole time. The dialogue is quirky, true to Iife and funny. Tear jerker? Go see it and find out...
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By Nicknb
Written July 29, 2014
It is no wonder the critics love this monumental piece of TRASH. It is so full of sick and twisted characters that it becomes evident in the first 20 minutes that the entire story is unfeasible. Jennifer Lawrence's face was SO FULL of BOTOX I thought it would explode at any moment. Once again, Robert De Niro stretches to play a role, and ends up playing Robert De Niro! (Come on! As hard as he tries, he can't act past himself.) BUT, the real low point of this movie was when Cooper stands in front of a print of Jesus hanging on the wall behind him and lets out a long chorus of vulgar profanity. Yes, maybe I am a prude but I don't find it necessary to pollute a script with fowl language to make a good movie., I wonder how the World would react if it had been a Muslim image with the same use of words!
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Not so much silver as gray.

By tasteful1
Written December 10, 2012
Knowing this tiresome movie must end sometime was the only silver lining I experienced. Merely having two beautiful people as stars does not make a good movie. A few good lines, a chuckle here and there, but mostly screaming, arguing, and irrational behavior.
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