A Feel Good Movie

By Pat Rice
Written November 17, 2012
I couldn't wait to see that movie and I have absolutely no regrets! The acting was terrific coupled with a solid story and happy ending. Bradley Cooper is great as well as Robert De Niro, Jennifer Lawrence and Jackie Weaver. I can see some Oscar nominations especially for Cooper, Lawrence and De Niro. Well, this movie definitely shows off Cooper's versatility and the fact that he shouldn't be confined in comedies ala Hangover. Special shout-out to Chris Tucker who has a couple of hilarious scenes and funny lines. Overall, great movie.
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Cute and funny movie worth watching - but read the book AFTER

By plessthanpointohfive
Written November 27, 2012
The book, like most books movies are based on, is way better. The movie could never live up to the book because the book spends a whole lot of time inside Pat's head. And that's actually a good thing. The movie has to deviate from the book in order to capture any of the book's spirit. The movie captured Pat and Tiffany's personalities. Unfortunately, the other characters don't fare so well, especially Nikki, who we get to know real well in the book.The movie does NOT capture the utter devastation Pat's mental illness has wrought on his life. In the book, Pat was in the institution for FOUR YEARS, not 8 months. His mother gets him out because he's showing no improvement, and brings him home to see Dr Patel, who is the best Doc in Philly. Pat THINKS he's only been in the facility of 8 months. The move DOES do a good job of making you like Pat as he tries to make himself a better person, even when he fails. And the actors do their jobs fine.
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Not a Chick Flick

By mimisflix
Written December 24, 2012
My husband didn't want to see this movie thinking it was a chick flick. I kept telling him it wasn't. Finally giving in since I always go to the movies he wants to see, he agreed to go. He really liked it. It has appeal to both men an women. Great acting by Bradley Cooper, De Niro, and Jennifer Lawrence. Walked out of the theatre feeling good..
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By gildaisey
Written January 12, 2013
SILVER ININGS PLAYBOOK. A great movie and really enjoyed it when my wife and I saw it last week. It was a good reward as a birthday celebration for me.
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A little too polished for a sobering subject

By brownbeer
Written November 26, 2012
I love both Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence and they both do a very nice job in this movie. However, the subject is a serious one and both Cooper and Lawrence are simply too polished and attractive to adequately portray these characters. Second, it comes off as a comedy which it really shouldn't be. I was shocked at times when the audience laughed at scenes that were quite distressing. Nevertheless, as in most Hollywood movies, things tidy up in the end and everyone lives happily ever after. Also great for seeing scenes shot in Philadelphia.
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