By kreevers
Written May 23, 2017
Do not be tempted to avoid this film like most Rom-Coms in theaters. The trailer is a disservice the the movie itself. It's quite entertaining, and does something that many rom-coms don't succeed at: being grounded in reality. All the main characters are either living with a mental disorder or dealing with those around it. It brilliantly addresses this in the first half without bashing you over the head about it. By far this is the best I've seen all the actors/actresses in a while especially for Robert DeNiro and Chris Tucker, the two have delivered their best performances in a long time. Now the plot line is somewhat predictable, but in this case you actually don't mind it for the fact how innate Cooper and Lawrence are to their respective roles. It is already gaining buzz to be a top choice for the Oscars and after seeing it I completely understand why.
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Definitely Oscar Worthy

By imara90
Written April 23, 2017
This movie made me happy. It was touching, unexpectedly funny and it had heart. The cast did an amazing job and it definitely deserves all the Oscar buzz it's been getting.
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By richwes22
Written July 26, 2016
Brad Cooper gets major points for the role he played! Great all around movie! I laughed and shed tears of of joy at times. The movie never dragged and kept me entertained the entire 2 hours. I highly recommend this wonderful movie to anyone looking to escape for two hours and be thoroughly entertained! Great date movie!
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Funny, Sad ... Real

By cine_bob
Written February 23, 2017
Two thumbs up!! A packed house in King Of Prussia laughed, cried, and cheered to this emotionally packed, well written, and superbly acted film. Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence gave performances of a lifetime. Robert DeNiro was masterful in a supporting role. This story has a raw edge with little sugar coating. It's gritty. It's real. And it's a treat!! I've seen lots of films this year and Silver Lining Playbook sits with Argo and The Sessions as some of our favorite films of 2012.
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A Feel Good Movie

By Pat Rice
Written November 17, 2012
I couldn't wait to see that movie and I have absolutely no regrets! The acting was terrific coupled with a solid story and happy ending. Bradley Cooper is great as well as Robert De Niro, Jennifer Lawrence and Jackie Weaver. I can see some Oscar nominations especially for Cooper, Lawrence and De Niro. Well, this movie definitely shows off Cooper's versatility and the fact that he shouldn't be confined in comedies ala Hangover. Special shout-out to Chris Tucker who has a couple of hilarious scenes and funny lines. Overall, great movie.
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