Silver linings playbook indeed!

By everyweek60706
Written August 29, 2014
I'm not a big fan of two-hour movies, football, or dancing which are all big parts of this movie, but this is not a something where you wonder why you wandered in. There were even some funny parts like where she (Tiffany - Jennifer Lawrence) expains how she lost her job and the football fan brawl, but no one in the sparse audience laughed. Robert Di Nero is great as the dad. If you're a rabid football fan, especially of the Philadelphia Flyers, you'll love his character even more. It would be a valid criticism to say this is a mighty optimistic view of mental illness, you could even say it trivializes the issue. The characters become high-functioning in months where in the real world - well you don't have to look very far. However, maybe this is how it should go. Technically there is nudity, but I had to think about it to figure out where.
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Fantastic Characters

By nadw73
Written September 21, 2014
I found this to be a very enjoyable character-driven film. It's over-arching theme focuses on how we are all, in our own ways, "crazy." A true-to-life depiction of both bi-polar and depression. Excellent performances by Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence & Robert DeNiro. I loved the climax of the story; people in the theater I was in were actually clapping! This is a must see!
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Fun movie!

By nancyhartsock
Written November 20, 2012
We liked the movie a lot! Bradley and Jennifer were amazing and perfectly cast in these parts, and it was SO FUN watching our neighborhood in a movie! If we hadn't read the book first we would have loved the movie more. The book was so rich in so many ways, and the movie watered it down and changed it a lot. But for all the liberties taken, it was a movie both men and women will enjoy, and my husband and I would definitely recommend.
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Bipolar must be tough

By randihal
Written December 09, 2012
We thought it was over-amplified and terribly irritating. The ending saves the movie, and Jennifer Lawrence is wonderful, but father and son were both too nuts to listen to for so long.
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Silver LIning Playbook

By timmer55
Written July 26, 2014
The body of the movie was good although Bradley Coopers role overplayed the OCD/Be open an honest post mental hospital role. The romantic outcome with Tiffany was anticipated and could have been developed more with the relationships ultimate outcome, which everyone knew would be a better fit for both. But, Hollywood has a habit of keeping the dramatic intact longer than necessary and I for one would like to see hope and comfort arrive quicker in the movie, so the viewer could enjoy the movie more , not just stress from anticipation, thats what life is for. Finally, it would be great to see a better filmography in pre-movie credits so we dont have to guess and wonder where we say a specific actor. Overall an 8.
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